Expand the Event Reward Brackets- DEV RESPONSE



Well said indeed!
Not every player can be in the top 100 in events … or cares to even attempt it … but a nice reward to strive for … yes, I would like that.

Like it is with raids:
Not every player can establish themselves on the top 100 leaderboard.

But there are players who do enjoy playing with the big guys and gals once in a while and even sticking their noses into the leaderboard for a very very very (!) short visit once in a blue moon. :slight_smile:

That is fun. And on a lucky day, it can be done.

But if the choice were “Get into the top 100 leaderboard and stay there - or just forget it”, then my choice, and the sensible choice, would be “just forget it”.

So, why not offer some tiered rewards for those players who can be good but who lack the prerequisites to be great?

The current rewards system in events is telling us to “just forget it”.

Let me make clear, once again, that I am by no means jealous. The players in the top 100 in the events and in the leaderboard, they have worked hard for their place, and they have earned it. Let them enjoy it. They deserve it.


With the huge number of players that play this game, only the top 100 get anything even remotely useful.

I’ve bought a decent number of gems and have played the game fairly seriously for several months, but don’t even bother trying to get a ranked event completion award.

The beginner tiers have recently been slightly enlarged, but who the heck cares about the rewards there in the first place?

The brackets should be greatly enhanced at all levels based on the number of people that are playing the game. If you can score in the top 10% in legendary that be fairly challenging and encompass many thousands of people.

It feels like the devs only care about the top 100 people that play this game.

Just my 2 cents



What I would like to know is that I looked at the rewards that I was supposed to get for each of the three levels last night and being in the fourth tier in two of them and the fifth tier of the other there were supposed to be considerable rewards given for achieving those statuses and being given only the summons tokens that were only a fraction of what I had earned was really not worth the amount of time and effort that it took to totally complete the event. Do the rewards show up in a few days or do we just get cheated out of what we earned. Can’t even look at the rewards brackets after the event is over. This totally is not right.


Not sure I fully understand what rewards you mean.

I assume with the 3 levels you mean the Rare, Epic and Legendary and with tier you mean the levels within each one of these from 1 to 10.

You say you where in tier 4 and 5, but that is not completing them you have to complete all 10 to get the completion rewards.

For instance for Legendary there was a Sturdy Shield, Hidden Blade and Orb in the completions rewards and they are paid out as soon as you complete tier 10.