Evolution of heroes

Today it is complicated to evolve a hero, if you spend a lot of time, food, and heroes and a lot of dedication and it seems like an eternity, this system could be improved to evolve faster


it does take time, I wonder if it’s just because I have so many heroes that I’m working on now…

of course, emblems and limit breaking make it take longer to “complete” a hero too :slight_smile:


true, because if you consider the emblems and limit breaking, the evolution time practically doubles.


Everything is designed so you pay to skip waiting times, be it for heroes (buying trainer heroes, food/iron), or skipping building times and researching things.

Each of those things could be improved to be faster for us all to keep things fresher for longer, by the time I have upgraded my new shiny hero I pulled in the new portal, it’s obsolete because it has taken me months to do it (maybe longer if I don’t have the mats for it too).

They really should half the building wait time by half for everything now, helping new players enjoy the game. I have a secondary account I play on for giggles, and I forgot how long everything takes, it’s annoying.


Everything will be better once LB2 is released…

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True, but this can lead to fatigue and cause many to abandon the game, especially those who do not spend money on the game, which in my view is the majority, but the developers have the power

To develop, improve, increase satisfaction and even increase profits, as we invest in what satisfies us, correct

How old is the Lud? Perhaps two years.

Kind of a shame when you look at things.

@Pompitous I know what you’ll be thinking


Keep an eye out for that raw (no development material) new 4* that will obviously have a much better skill than old legendary, but also… higher stats as well.


Shouldn’t come to that but it’s inevitable, pity.

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