Every time!

What comes to my mind every time that on raids, an enemy’s hero dodges one of my specials and then I get the chance to hit again :smiling_imp:



Yeah try that on a Marjana that dodges three in a row…

Lol :joy: it happens
Must be at least 20

Just had Delilah revive four times as a tank in a raid are you kidding me right now ugh

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OMG. I literally cannot believe this. I thought I was the only one who thought of this. When an enemy dodges one of my attacks but then I debuff them, I say this out loud,“DODGE THIS!!!”


Few times during emblem trials when Scarlett or Domitia will dodge your specials quite frequently, and yes, they “can” also dodge Axe/Bomb/Dragon attacks.

That image pops into mind whenever you have another special / item ready to go… Great feeling when it worked out, until they dodge them again, and again, and again, and yet again.


Lol. Every time I do that too :joy:

I don’t think they can dodge the axes,bombs or dragons. The evade only applies to the special skill. I have never seen them evade them but I also haven’t launched many at them since this trial I am fairly well prepared for so I don’t need items. Can you provide video or a screenshot? I only ask since I didn’t think this was the case and the items also pass the defense and just attack the hp so a 300 hp hit doesn’t get lessened by each defense stat, each just loses the amount.

Truth be told, when the trials first started, I didn’t think they do either, until I saw it… I think we have also been in enough cycles of trials for this to become noticeable. Since I don’t have a wide array of heroes and these trials are class specific, there will be certain trials that I “had” to drop some Dragons / Bombs because I couldn’t do enough damage.

I don’t have a video capturing app on my device… I will have to check to see if I can get a screenshot of it, but the effects happen so quickly, I’ll have to be really quick about it. But it might not be soon… Unless another player can also quickly jump in to confirm.

Edit: I’ve just attempted to try on today’s last stage of the trials of survival, and only Scarlett has that ability. She didn’t dodge any of the dragons / bombs I threw today, but since she is the only target, it might be harder to determine, will have to try during Trial of Shadows if need be. However, I am fairly confident in seeing that Rogue class in trials have dodged the Dragon/Bombs before, for the same thing I have seen Joon / Friar Tuck “withstand” the Dragon/Bombs during their respective trials.

Again, if anyone wants to jump in and confirm.
@zephyr1 - As you setup the Trials discussion topics two times every week, could you advise / confirm if Rogues’ talent Dodge will allow them to evade direct damage from Dragon Attacks / Bomb Attacks / Axe Attacks / Arrows (e.g. these battle aids are treated as “Special Attacks?”)

Monks can Withstand the Status Ailments from Battle Items, but I don’t think Rogues can Evade them since they aren’t Special Attacks.

I watched a few videos of Trials of Survival and didn’t see Scarlett Evade any Battle Items.

I checked a couple videos of Trials of Shadows and didn’t see Scarlett or Domitia Evade Battle Items either.

Hat tip to @Olmor for having a lot of videos of Trials. The old ones with heavy carpet bombing were useful for this. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@zephyr1, thanks for the response. But curiously, have I really been imagining their dodging of battle items’ direct damages all this time? I may do the first two stages of trials nonchalantly (sometimes late at night, wee hours in the morning, just to use up some WE before crashing), but the last stage, I tend to do them with more focus. So I am still fairly confident I saw them evade a Dragon or Bomb once or twice.

Curiously, if Monks can Withstand the ailments from Battle Items, surely it is not within the realms of impossibility to expect something similar from Rogues?

But, I will still attempt to obtain a screenshot the next time I face Rogues in the trials, even if I can’t get a video.

I only do this when they dodge a special and I follow up with tiles, because I know the tiles will hit. I am too paranoid about repeated dodge/evade.

Not impossible, but they have very different Talent descriptions that wouldn’t make it surprising that they work differently:

image image

That would be very helpful. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ugh… Well, Trial of Shadows was today, and I purposely carpet bombed (normally I would use them much more conservatively) the trio on the last tier to see if Domitia and Scarlett can dodge them. Took a screenshot before anything occurred… And nothing, they sat there and ate all the damages.

Mixed feelings

  1. I guess no more feeling of angst against the rogues because they can’t negate the direct damages from the battle items (aka Dodge This!)
  2. I guess I probably have been imaging all this time that Rogues occasionally dodge my battle items? Or perhaps I have been confusing them with the Monks…

I supposed all this need is to have a dev jump out and say: No, A Rogue cannot Dodge Battle Items.

Any way, I will still keep an eye out just in case in the future, but feeling 1 definitely outweigh feeling 2, and that is fine by me.

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