Erebor, The Lonely Mtn ⛰ (Status: WAITLIST)

Full again! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Always happy to chat with anyone who may want to visit in the future, so feel free to reach out and chat anytime.

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I’m back with ONE SPOT in our fabulous alliance. With AQ coming up on 10/18 we would love for you to join us! Spots have been going fast!!

Updates since I last recruited:

  • Another amazing AQ performance! 1.6 million minimum required on AQ. (results below)

  • Instituted a 250K damage cap until 6 hours remain on titans to accommodate all our differing time zones

  • New fun alliance monthly titan tournament challenge in the works! Join to find out more :wink:

Hit me up on Line if you want to chat: Smaug1217 or just come on by!

Still looking for one friend to join us :slightly_smiling_face:

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Full again which makes my heart happy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


A rare opening in our fab group! Come grab it before it’s gone. Questions? Comments? Dragon appreciation discussion? Line: Smaug1217

Latest AQ result…

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A quick bump to reach friends in different time zones :slightly_smiling_face: Come grab our last spot! More alliance info above, or feel free to ask anything here.

Still looking for one more friend! :slightly_smiling_face:

Could it be we still have a spot 2 whole days later? :scream:Indeed we do! I am as shocked as you. But that means it’s YOUR lucky day. Come hang with me and my band of lovable and helpful misfits. You will be so glad you did! We are pretty awesome. :mountain::dragon::fire:

Scroll up :arrow_up: :arrow_up: :arrow_up: :arrow_up: for detailed alliance info!

Almost all of our members are long term but we welcome nomads and visitors too! Especially when they are forum friends. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sadly we will now have :star: :two: :star: openings after war concludes on Sunday. A long time dear friend and ally is taking his retirement. :cry:

Come cheer me up - Line: Smaug1217 - and let me know if you and a friend (or alt) want to come by. Our new monthly alliance challenge (optional, for fun) also starts this weekend. :slightly_smiling_face:

Fresh war chest expected!

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We are now down to our final spot again! Message me to chat if you’d like. Happy to go over questions and concerns as always. Otherwise the door is open. Hope to see you soon! :mountain::dragon:

Durin’s Folk have come home to roost! For those who don’t speak Tolkien Nerd, that means we are full. :wink:

If you’d like to learn more about Erebor or be put on our waitlist, reach out anytime. Line: Smaug1217

Looking for a new long-term home for my two accounts. Currently in my small, family alliance, but looking for a friendly place to grow, kill titans and do AQ. No hurry, just want to find alliance before next AQ.

I’m as competitive as FTP can be, with a bit casuality :wink: (= don’t like farming, so my lvls are a bit too low). Take alliance things very serious, and always try to do my best. Active, skilled (I think), but only a human so not perfect and sometimes make errors (or have bad boards :wink: )

Always hit titans, never missed any war flag.
(And I’m a bit nervous seeing unused flags, but understand there can be an emergency or net issues)

Main: lvl 54, 5200 TP
Alt: lvl 44, 5000 TP

AQ results: 1,6M++ (without items):
Clash of Knights
Brave Musketeers

MT is not the best, unfortunately, as I don’t like it. About 500k without items:


Don’t have amazing 5*, but LB2 4* are good enough to crush opponents :wink:

Don’t have Line. Tried it, but it doesn’t work on more than one device. And I use several devices, so that’s a problem.

Paladin from the heart, Wizard from the mind :wink:
(Barbarian from English language :rofl: )

If I’m too weak, that’s OK, no hard feelings :slight_smile:


Hello dear! Such a pleasant surprise to hear from you. :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you your interest and taking the time to share all that great info. I really appreciate it! :heart: And to answer your concern it is very, very rare that we leave any war flags. Can’t remember the last time a single one was left. But for an emergency we would of course be understanding if it happened.

I think everything sounds good, my only hesitation would be on MT. While we don’t have an alliance minimum at the moment (and no leaderboard to enforce it), that could change in the future. We like to push ourselves there, though not close to hitting top 100 yet. But it would be open for discussion. I know it would be so fun to play alongside you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The biggest problem is I don’t expect to have two openings anytime soon. :pensive: We have a co-leader coming back from a break in the beginning of December. And another on the waitlist. So it feels unlikely I will have two spots ahead of next AQ as you would prefer. (I am basing this off next AQ possibly being December/January but I haven’t seen a date yet!)

If anything changes though, I will definitely be in touch with you here if you’re still interested.


Thanks for your answer!

Happy to know, that my accs are good enough for you.

I know, that my MT results are weak, but honestly never tried it with items (as I think rewards are not good enough). Of course, I would try to improve my results (and do screenshots as a proof) if in your alliance it’s required. There is also a space to improve my AQ results, as I didn’t try to repeat stages more than once.

And that’s my priority, no unused flags, it’s very important for me.

I know that there is a long queue, it’s not a surprise :smiley:
Thanks once more for your time! Keep in touch!


@Ei-Dunn you are welcomed to join us :smiling_face: it’s always good to have forum friends as an ally :blush: hope we will have some spots open soon for you :blush:


:eyes: Pssssst! Still want to come by and visit? A little dragon* told me we have 2 unexpected spots opening up a few hour after this war ends. For redheaded warriors only. :wink:

(*It’s me. I am the :dragon: :joy:)


Wow!!! :astonished:
Really?!! Sure, I’m ready to enter the Dragon’s lair after war. Just give me a sign, when to knock at yours door :slight_smile:


Door will be open! If you see 2 spots before I get a chance to message you just come on in :blush: