Enjoyed Recent Reduction of Atlantis Energy Requirements. How about making it permanent?

The reduction in world energy requirements for the Atlantis realm, this last weekend was a breath of fresh air for us grinders. It would be highly appreciated by ALL if the company could see that this would re-ignite interest in the game by reducing the tedious AMOUNT of fighting a player MUST endure level 4* and 5* through the NUMEROUS ascension levels. The PERMANENT reduction of the Atlantis world energy requirements would go a long way to re-igniting player interest to the company’s benefit.

“its not a party if it happens every night”


Everyone in our alliance love it. I went from Providence 16 to 27.8 in normal and did the first few on hard.

Tell your friends to reply and comment and maybe Small Giant might HEAR our wish.

I liked partying every night…you should try it.

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