Enjoyed Recent Reduction of Atlantis Energy Requirements. How about making it permanent?

The reduction in world energy requirements for the Atlantis realm, this last weekend was a breath of fresh air for us grinders. It would be highly appreciated by ALL if the company could see that this would re-ignite interest in the game by reducing the tedious AMOUNT of fighting a player MUST endure level 4* and 5* through the NUMEROUS ascension levels. The PERMANENT reduction of the Atlantis world energy requirements would go a long way to re-igniting player interest to the company’s benefit.

“its not a party if it happens every night”


Everyone in our alliance love it. I went from Providence 16 to 27.8 in normal and did the first few on hard.

Tell your friends to reply and comment and maybe Small Giant might HEAR our wish.

I liked partying every night…you should try it.

Now with all these events coming up , ninja tower, challenge events, mythic titan its becoming hard to be competitive in every way without spending money
Farming the daily 144 world energies on s1 map cant give us enough mats, we need a new revamp for farming

Why not permanently reduce s2 WE cost ? like the same cost as atlantise rise but without the seadragons and the increase loots.
When a player has completed all lvl on both normal and hard he should be able to replay it with reduced cost

its time to make some change in favor of the players
yes you will sell less battle item, but you are already killing the game with power creep s4 and new challenge heroes, you can give us a little gift


Dude, be short on items is exactly what they want.

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of course i know, just look at today’s offer with these battle item…
but if they continue this way, forcing players to pay not to win but just to play they will end up losing more and more players

with the power creep they will make lot of money soon, s3 heroes are already has been
they need to do something for us for once

Making us thirsty for items have two reasons in my eyes:

First, of course selling more bundles with items in it.
Remember when you looked disgusted at those offers with timestops in it? Now probably most of people are not so picky anymore.

Second: infinite farming. To keep pace you have to pass a lot of time in the game farming. Lot of flasks. Lot of fast tickets.
And more you stay in the game, more you are involved and more you are willing to spend.

Agree people can’t only always take and never give, but i see items shortage as an excellent stealth move for their business that pumped their cash register by a lot.

Everything in this game slowly has taken that direction.

Now think of something still free, and cross your finger it will not change.

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