Elemental chests - the fairness of random content

I’ve just opened I think the worst dark chest I’ve ever had, so bad in fact that I emailed small giant, my argument is these chests so rarely come up I don’t believe the randomness of the content to be fair, surely they should contain at least one ascension item? It’s the second dark chest I’ve had that’s so poor but this was actually the worst I’ve received, my Titan chests now contain nothing bit of ham couple gems, I remember when I used to get ascension items in them, monster chests are the same predominantly very poor only my raid chests prove worth having and I’ve had a few ascension items in those, I feel that (and I do all missions all events etc etc) ascension items are now so hard to come by that even doing all the missions etc isn’t enough, all I’m asking is that elemental chests are guaranteed to contain ascension items is that asking too much?

I had a bad one a while ago got 3* mats stuff that was farmable nothing unfarmable, few emblems few gems! Was bad! Don’t really look forward to them anymore as normally get one during Atlantis which I’d rather spend my WE on things better than filling it up!
But the other day I got rings from a monster chest n blade from raid chest :woman_shrugging:

Oh I know I’ve had the odd surprise rings from mystic vision once! I don’t look forward to filling the rare chests anymore that’s 4 I’ve had that didn’t contain even one ascension item this dark chest had meteor fragments and a chain mail shirt instead lucky old me lol it’s a shame I buy quite a few of the deals when I can you’d think I could get something in return but it would seem not these days, in 2018 when I started playing chests, including Titan chests were way better!

I typically have 4 to 5 elemental chests per month. Only 1 good one. If they were all good over the past couple years, I’d be a lot further ahead

So no not every chest can be good

As far as raid vs monster, it wouldnt make sense if raid chests weren’t better. Diamond raid chests have resource amounts based on ham/iron storage levels and guaranteed mat roll. Monster chests are completely random other than guarantee of some hams, some iron, some gems.

Monster chests can be filled with autofarm which requires little to no play on player side

Raid chests require player to play every match so only makes sense they have the better rewards

Every chest in E&P has chance to be good or chance to be bad, best bet is filling as many as possible since both bad & good loot will add up and bad loot typically still has some kind of use.


There should at least be a guaranteed 3* unfarmable mat. Getting 3 farmable mats and 3 silver tokens is pretty annoying.


It would create too small a pool of items and even with current drop rates you’ll still advance and at some point even getting 2x or 3x 3* mats from loot will feel just as bad as this chest cause u have no use for them either

Last i looked i was up to 102 compasses, 100+ gloves, and around 80 to 100 of the rest of the 3* mats


No surprise here, they nerfed everything possible in this game so that they can make you buy their worthless offers and fill their pockets :slight_smile: If you want to continue enjoy this game, you should not expect much from it :slight_smile:


No one has been able to show any proof of loot nerfs so far

Plenty track data in this game but it’s typicaly the ones that don’t who are tossin out accusations and conspiracies


I have been doing my own data every day, every month and i can assure you i see difference in everything :slight_smile: I am not saying it without any observation :wink:


I’ve been tracking since December last year.

No change in chest appearance rate nor in the loot I get from them.


Lol that does absolutely no good whatsoever. Not even an A for effort

Thanks, posts like that is what keeps me thinkin some of the playerbase that participate in this forum still have at least half a brain

Do you ever plan on making the data public?

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Not really. Was more for my personal knowledge.

Was averaging an unfarmable mat every 0.73 days. 3* was about every 1.2 days and 4* every 2.5 days or so.

Taken a bit of a dip since testing a fellow forum members theory about a way of getting better mats more… So far not a lot of juice to the theory.



I agree.

I mostly ignore them now. Unless they take up my titan slot.

The Devs could improve them so all players liked them, without destroying the set amount of 4* ascension items in the game.

But with a small game studio, it is just not going to happen.

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There is good evidence for a REBALANCING of chests, but not an actual decrease in the number of 4* heroes you can ascension to 4* 4.70 from chest loot drops.


Sorry I meant my OVERALL material drop rate has taken a tumble. Gone from hitting 11-13* titans down to 4* atm. Haven’t gotten a mat from titans in over a week so far.


The titan spots are my favorite spots and the ones i dont rush filling due to no cool down once filled

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Guvnor I appreciate your reply but for me personally my chests have definitely changed this year I find it hard to believe I’m just super unlucky! Monster chests and Titan chests are particularly poor and I don’t have any expectations anymore everyone is different I’m happy you’ve noticed no change but I absolutely have from when I started playing, I don’t believe there should be a chance to get rare chests as bad as I have at least one ascension item guaranteed isn’t too much to ask, of course eventually we will get the mats we require and this is a game of patience of course I understand that I’m just saying I think there should be a guarantee with the elemental chests otherwise why bother them being rare?

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For all the other stuff that also comes in them…?

Guaranteed rolls at rare (or higher) ascension mats
Guaranteed rolls for summon coins
Guaranteed roll for Atlantis coins
Guaranteed roll for emblems (10+)
Guaranteed roll for some kind of flask, trainer and loot tickets.


I can absolutely understand you.

I am really struggling with this game since the last few days…
This thing “ascension Mats” is really starting to ■■■■ me up really hard…

Some weeks ago i already started a thread about that, due to i have a lack of 4* Items.

Now some weeks later i even cant do anything any more…
out of those unfarmable items i have exactly:
0 green
0 yellow
0 dark
0 red
0 blue

3 Star:
0 green
4 yellow
3 dark
0 red
0 blue.

So i am at a point where i can do absolutely nothing any more. I cant ascend even a single lvl 4 Hero.

I am playing since a year, i got 15 full ascended 4* and 7 full ascended 5* heroes.

My mate who told me a year a go to start this game due to its funny - he is playing 1 or two weeks more than i do. We are both lvl 46 in one year of playing so very very active.

He has 15 Full ascended 5* an 22 4*.

And he has mixed all colours: 32 4* ascend mats and over 100 3* mats

So really Smallgiant - what do you want to tell me about that?
Its Luck?? No its just a huge bunch of ■■■■…

When after one year playing i am not able to ascend a 4 start hero due to lack of mats …
And others have tons of it…

There is nothing about fairness or anything like that its just a joke for some players and the greatest luck for others…

And when i see accounts that people sell i can see exactly how it is…
Today i saw an account with lvl 26 who got over 50 4* mats - on lvl 26!!!

And others at lvl 60+ looking like mine with just “NOTHING”

Perhaps i should sell my account too get the most possible money back failed in this hole of ■■■■ and crap and go ahead to another game, where perhaps luck is needed but where there is at least a chance for unlucky players not to be frustarted all the time …

It could be so easy to do it like that but those retards at smallgiants just dont want it

I think some of it may have to do with $$$$ spent.

People who spend more, have more mats. Particularly if they buy deals (which often include mats) or spend gems on the in-game shop offers.