🧪 Early Information on Round 3 of Clash of Knights Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v61]

But if you consider, that one was widely available as a HOTM and the second is highly paywalled it starts to make sense…

and 2 years of power creep later

Noted. Balbar should be very fast since hitting all enemies at average is fine. Or Teddy should be made slow.

Xiamara pre-release balance changes

  • Made several tweaks following feedback from previous testing round:
    • Mana Corruption effect changed
    • Mana Corruption damage lowered
    • Additional Special Skill power buff cap lowered
    • Additional Special Skill power buff increase per turn lowered

The OP is adjusted with the details.


1 final small update here.

Teddy’s element is now Nature instead of Dark.


Ooh, another green teddy bear… bear being his family of course.


I can see Teddy definitely being useful in Bloody tourneys

Closing as all heroes are released.
You can continue discussing them in their own topics.

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