🧪 Early Information on Round 2 of "Challenge Festival" Challenge Event [Part of The Beta Beat V49]

Looks nice.
I will add this to the Master topic once this event goes live.

I expect the alliance quest to join the challange event rotation. With Styx there’s coming a 3rd tower event, with then a 3 monthly rotation.
And alliance quest is pretty similar to challange events so it will fit in nicely.
But depends a bit when is Styx planned to come out.

I’m sorry, but what is Kalevala?

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It is a brand new seasonal event, which will be introduced this summer:


Legendary Event Hero (non Featured): 1.5%
Legendary Featured Event Hero: 1.0%
Don’t the odds seem backwards? Shouldn’t a featured hero have a better chance of summoning?

Dunes Featured hero has 1.0% odds and Non-Featured has 0.6% odds - this seems more appropriate to me. (The fact that the Featured Hero is slightly easier to summon and not the actual percentages)

1.0% featured chance / 3 hero = 0.33% chance / hero
1,5% non featured chance / about 20 hero = 0.075 chance / hero

So the featured has better chance for specific hero


People who regret for feeding Ingolf away before his buff will stand a chance to get a new one

:point_up: Unremovable corrosive fiends that give uncleansable ailments. They stack with regular fiends, so every hero can have up to 6 fiends on them. You can’t get rid ot them nor their ailment, unless you have a corrosive fiend destroyer who removes unremovable fiends and a cleanser that cleanses uncleasable ailments.

Of course, you’re out of luck if they’re protected by an undispellable buff that blocks unremovable fiend removal and uncleansable ailments cleansing.

You then need a hero who dispels buffs even though they can’t be dispelled, and hope that the other team doesn’t have immunity to undispellable buff dispel.

It’s all pretty straightforward.


Guess I just have decided this too… I don’t want to pull more s2s3 and S4 heroes and I honestly don’t care about rares and epics from s5 - because once I finish the map, some will eventually come and they’re not vital.

I have a total 0 villains, 0 slayers and only Marcel and whacker from circus and the bard epic sounds goods. In the sun thing portal I will end up with a pile of dupes.

I still need Almur but I think it would be more smart to spend gems on Valhalla??? Right??


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Almur May get a costume eventually. And we know that costumes are locked in original portals.


Aww :(. I’m sad about that. They should. How about adding all of the CF into one portal?

Eventually, all of the challenge events will go toward CF. It’s just a matter of time.

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Do we know if this will be the challenge festival in June or is this still a couple months out?

not june, this month we will have the old festival

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Are we getting new Slayer heroes any time soon?

I think we will not get more, but everything s possible.

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the new Festival is confirmed for August. July is still unknown, but most say it’ll be gargoyles again. Makes sense since Hohenwerf was not released last time.

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Now it’s offiicial: Slayers will be in July :slight_smile:


Does it mean Slayers are excluded from Challenge Fest 2?

No, each other events in CF2 were held twice but Slayers was held only once.
I think Staff added Slayers to July calendar to correct the above statistics.
So the Slayers heroes will be still in CF2.