🧪 Early Information on New Starfall Circus Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v38]

It’s funny that before his revision his effect was useless against titans, now after he’s better at titans and worser at everything else. He does hit slightly harder than killhare at slow with no detriment though.

Faline is the only one I want because I lack yellows and she’s useful almost everywhere

Thank you SGG
I wantes to badly pull for this event, but now there’s no one here I would give mats. Not crappy heroes but kind of like Villains, no one really worth the massive pulls. I’m keeping my money.

I mean Emilio is still great, but he was going to be awesome tank material. Now he is probably much less good as a tank with his stat change. And even though some compare him to GM, Grazul or Garnet : he is a slow healer (have to hit twice to heal, and it’s a HoT so not a life savior) so much less effective on that side than garnet, and his DoT looks underwhelming and certainly can’t be compared with GM.
I mean he’s a hero that does a lot of things, but the only things that he does well is ailment blocking. To me it’s not enough to replace Garnet, so I won’t try to pull hard for him.

I don’t get the hype against Faline either. She does not hit so hard and she’s targeting a single hero. Does not seem awesome either. Not bad, but not awesome.

The other 5* are a bit alike, not bad but not crazy, with the exception of Bobo who seem now much worse, except for rush events.

So all in all to me it seems that those heroes are nice additions to the game but there’s no game changer here, and they especially feel weak when you compare them to what’s being released in S4. Considering how hard it is to pull in monthly events compared to s4, I will clearly skipp it (well to be truthful I’ll still pull a bit to get the 3* and 4*, I’m weak)

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Zuri and D’andre are the ones people will want to chase most not those you mentioned not even before the changes :roll_eyes:

Ps: faline is a hit three not a single target and 250% with these stats is no joke

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I don’t like the changes they made.
And i really dislike the system “hero with highest x” … I’d rather have them give ailments to all.

Bobo role is more or less for titans anyway I think…

Bobo like Hulk, go smash!

Zuri falls in the same category of “nice, but I won’t pull to have her”. Not sure I’d give her darts, even though holy surprisingly is lacking of good healers.

Same for D’Andre, I would probably max him and not use him, Gullin seems more powerful. And anyway a holy 4* healer is useful (to me) only in a handful of tournaments a year.
Emilio was the most interesting hero there to me. Not anymore. Not bad, just not worth chasing. None of them is worth chasing.

And 250% hit 3 plus a small ailment to one is… Well it’s not as good as Fong or Norns, even worse somehow than Akkorog. Not terrible, but she’d never see my 4* mats.


The 305% to all part is completely useless for titans.
There are already a lot of better defense debuffers than him (Athena, Finley, Isarnia) with either better attack stat, better speed or better debuff. OK the attack debuff adds on the survivability side, but still, not worth chasing if you are already loaded with good heroes.

All of them seem pretty unbalanced, doing many things but excelling at nothing. It really feels the same as for Villains, none for which I’m saying “ok if I grab this one I’ll max him”.

All true… but new champs arent necessary also strongest in their niche… Bobo would be welcome addition to many players in titan squad…

Yes, again I’m not saying they are bad. Just surprised that there is no game changer in the list, especially compared to what’s been released in the last 6 months (ninjas, Odin, s4 heroes…)

Maybe they could just tweak Bobbo a little bit, so his dmg to all is reduced to , lets say 260% and increase numbers for attack down to 48%, def down to 48%, and increase attack of one ally by 48% and def for one ally to 48%.

This way, he would shine more in its role.

Beta Update - 7 May

Some additional changes to Starfall heroes mid V38.2 beta:

  • Bobo: more direct damage
  • Emilio: stat change reverted
  • Marcel: rejig of special skill.

Check OP for infos.


Staff’s Beta announcement missed this change:
Emilio’s burn damage is reduced to 345 from 360 if there is a burn status ailment on any of the opponents,
Othwise it is 260 instead of 270.


Okay bobo now hits hard for a slow AOE, even harder than killhare without a detrimental effect with -60% debuff. That’s the highest debuff value so far. He’s better now, but will he be the new killhare?
I’m getting more and more obsessed with this hero ngl. He’s going to destroy on titans

I’d still have to use him next to Nordri, and that seems silly. :slight_smile:

All the cosmic power in the world (bobo), ittiy bitty living space (nordri). lol

No shame in that. I was using Nordi on maxed 14*s until the HA gave me Arthur.

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Might be slightly too big buff to Bobo. They can tone down def debuff/ attack debuff a bit. Maybe 54% will still make him desirable for Titans and im glad they went along his Titan niche.

I enjoy revert changes to stat distribution for Emilio as it stands now

Marcel is too strong with def debuff along. I enjoyed his role before ,where he buffed one hero 50% attack. Casting him multiple times made more heroes get buff… Now with def debuff along, he trumps C. Grimm easily where before, they were comparable and Grimm with costume is already one of best 4*

it is only 320% on SLOW speed with no impact at all debuffing 2 heroes is nothing for a slow hero. Can you explain why it is too big? Besides titan he is nothing special.

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He is not the best hero to use in raids. However:

320% to all (with 751 base attack stat) is the highest in the game by far, Killhare deals 300% (with 741 base attack stat). Why does it matter? The answer is rush attack tournaments and rush attack wars. When fully emblemed, this guy would be pretty much destroying the other team by himself.

-60% defence debuff and -60% attack on titans. He is not only the best titan defence debuffer, but the insanely high attack debuff also adds survivability to your heroes. Here is a comparison to Athena:

  1. Athena (average): 305% direct damage with 737 attack, deals extra damage against fire
    -41% defence to up to -65% for 4 turns

  2. Bobo (slow): 320% direct damage with 751 attack
    -60% defence and -60% attack for 4 turns

So basically, he is not only insanely OP on titans (especially mythic titans), but he is also the second best hero to use in rush attack wars/tournaments (after Alfrike). How is that balanced?


Yes I agree debuff on attack is VERY usefull I use Malicna on yellow titans and when she cast first alternative my tiles hit for 7k+ weak spot and 14* titan hit for something like 400? wtih turtle banner on.

The second part you talk about balance hmmm… I don’t see any at this point :slight_smile: season one heroes are like 4* compared to new toys, and heroes like frigg odyn on defense are just sick they should not be fast hitters who hit all that hard… There is no balance in this game not anymore.

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Did you check % how much Bobo now reduces defense? Picture that on a titan :slight_smile:

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