🧪 Early Information on New Starfall Circus Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v38]

Even on regular raids he’s OP. Because now it’s a logical tradeoff to his skills. Very powerful debuffs, but only 2 allowed. Once he fires, just hit everything you got on the unfortunate soul who got the -60% defence down. You can take down the problematic wall who has the highest defence easy. Also he’s very good at cleaning up surviving wings. He might be a clown but he’s now legit no nonsense

You might want to think again, since bobo just went into overdrive

Yes for Titan he is very nice :+1:

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Eh… The 60% is crazy and doubt it will stay like that, but it’s useful for titans only tbh. Not in line at all with his stats (tanky) and his high special damage (useless for titans, useful for raids but in that case the debuffs are underwhelming).
Athena does almost as good, won’t chase nor max a hero to do slightly better in a single part of the game.

Usually I roll my eyes whenever I see another defence debuffer, but this time I advocate. He hits harder or just as hard and has better offensive support compared to killhare. That 60% debuff is considered a bonus at this point

Bobo now looks like a Red Titan Fighter material. Defense and Attack down. Since Jott is squishy, well, this would be very welcome.


say what? That’s gonna be a titan slayer in that case. But that damage is huge though…

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He won’t replace Jott though. this is more appealing to those not having Athena.


I kinda badly expressed. I meant to pair him with Jott so when Bobo debuffs him Jott can take hit and actually live. I believe, barring gradual debuffs such as that of Kingston, this is the highest attack debuff in the game.


Miki, Frida, Jott… and Bobo? My word, that is going to bring up some jolly numbers.

The balanced part is that he can only debuff 2 ailments at a time I guess. And keep in mind this guy is tankier than killhare. I say keep the debuff but lower the base damage to 290%.

Killhare is avarge he is slow that is a huge difference.

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In a rush context it doesn’t matter. He’s still hitting harder than KH. But outside of that, how big of a difference would that make anyways? (I post this question as I prepare myself for a mana speed lecture)

Anytime frame on when this event will go live, sorry if I missed it somewhere. Thnx

Nothing special compred to what alfrike can do and if there is a monster like this I want to have a chance to pull something strong to fight in this stupid fast wars

There is no official information about it.
In the Sneak Peak 2021 announcement SG mentioned second quarter for this new event.
So it might be arrive in June…

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Staff have reverted these back to 360 and 270.
So the information in OP is accurate again.

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I swear he’s not as OP as he seems. The damage is meh. It’s all about the secondary stuff. He doesn’t even play well with GM since you have to overwrite the 2nd turn of GMs DOT to get the good stuff.


Yeah, I thought the same too, quite overhyped. Garnet is way better than him

Based on Eiora’s stats, she seems like a green sniper. Would her stats have her in the league of Lianna, Gefjon, and Costume Thorne in terms of damage from her special skill?

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