🧪 Early Information on New Beach Party Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v58]

Not sure how this means the gist of the new direction is honest and has nothing to do with continuation of future op creep skills

Think I would prefer the silence.

This… :v: balance :v:

Looks pretty good too :roll_eyes:


Omg. I am such a loser. I have two of her and totally forgot even though she is on my Def, at 85.4.

I saw that thoo but Tethys or whatever it is the name, has that efect with water…!
So there must have been an incorrect typing as tethys is 1 line up of Tetisheri.

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I don’t enjoy putting sunscreen on, but it is supposed to prevent damage, not cause it!


Mortimer seems great. Good damage plus silence to three would be welcome as my tank.
Flip is a solid healer with some good utility.
Misty is a solid utility player that I would love at fast speed.

Itham is another average epic red hero that underwhelms me, but does a decent amount that he could be useful.

Dolrak provides defense down in rare and holy which is nice, but again at average speed not sure I’ll build a team around him.

Sorry everyone I forgot this from Misty’s skill:

  • Deals 175% damage to all enemies.

I have adjusted the OP to have it now.

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That makes her decent, but still leagues behind Morty. If they release Mortimer as is, and y’all pull hard for him, don’t come here to complain when he gets nerfed. He’s clearly a broken hero.

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funny thing SGs knows hes far better then the rest and dont feature him but lame ole rocc costume instead

kind of shady to me but well its SG :smiley:


Funny thing, this event should start by now, since we wont be seeing Sand Empire event/portal, i guess. There should be also -Kalevela event/portal- at mid june or late june, i cannot remember :thinking:

Is boosted heal still removed totally ? Or just the equivalent 180 ?

Probably it will still remove all, as it was different behavior than the base max HP decrease, but we will see this in few weeks, when this event will arrive.

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Not very impressed with Flip. 4* Melendor recovers 42% health for all allies and dispels buffs from all enemies. Why do I want a temporary bypass on a 5* of defensive buffs when a season 1 4* can remove all enemy buffs completely? All you are getting out of this 5* is the 50% critical chance.

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