🧪 Early Information on Hero Balance Updates [Part of The Beta Beat v31]

Such a shame what they did to Clarissa.

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Clarissa damage is lower compared to GM because her elemental link is stronger. GM is better at defense, but Clarissa is better at stacks.

Disclaimer: I am a Clarissa owner, not GM owner.

IMO Gravemaker is better on offense and defense. Clarissa is good, probably an A-. Gravemaker is an A+. Just how it is. Blame the Telly/Vela situation…it’s basically why SG neutered Clarissa.

Going through here and trying to like all the suggestions on Khagan speed. I’m just curious if @Petri or any of the @Staff_SGG are aware of the fact 3/4 of your core red 5* are in fact slow heroes.

See the part where it says slow right next to mana speed? That’s the problem right there. Also, while we are on the topic of reds, did you guys know, and this is gonna sound crazy, that all those shared burn effects don’t stack? I know right! It’s like 50% of your reds or so and they all overwrite each other!

BTW, if you guys didn’t notice, there’s a real problem with green tanks and certain blue flanks right now. A fast, hard hitting red or two immune to attack debuffs, or better yet, that grants attack buffs when debuffed, well that would be huge!

You’re welcome.


Just give Jf a small initial attack, is heusing a toy sword his hits are so weak…


Make khagan average speed. Lower his attack to frida’s or evelyn’s level. Remove his defense buff and replace with dispel or cleanse to 3. We then have a classic 5* useful against gtv. Best solution instead of nerfing telluria and vela. No one will cry foul against SG and most, if not all, of the player base will be thankful. SG will restore some goodwill.

Profit wise, this can be profitable, since khagan’s availability as counter to gtv is widespread, players will look into different core defenses and will consider new heroes to be released instead of the usual gtv. New heroes to be desired, more money for SG.

It is ok for players to go into this “nospend” thing because with gtv, their defenses are already established. There is no more desire to get heroes to display in their defenses.

So @Petri, please tell your associates in charge of hero development or buffing heroes to open their eyes and minds and look into this simple buff khagan thing. I believe you will be profiting more with the khagan buff than nerfing telluria and vela.


Please vote


Already did. Thanks.

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hello, fix baldur-guardian gazelle, when buff-gazelle is working, baldur buged does not auto-attack (although the buff of life exceeds the norm) after the buff-gazelle ends, it still does not use the ability

Lol no her elemental link is not better GM gain 5%attack/defense that’s equivalent to 30% def only against SS

It is stronger I have Raffael with the same link and it is op especially in mono also talents are better on clarrisa then GM.

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I believe this is not a bug, rather this is part of Gazelle’s special… “Removes all dispellable and undispellable status effects from all allies except the caster.” So, she removes any buffs from your allies, including Baldur’s special.

but when the gazelle buff end, bonus hp is still on the balder (but he don’t atack with his skill) is this not a bug?

we read the last point, carefully( Deals 110% damage to a random enemy each turn for as long as the caster has boosted health… This effect cannot be dispelled …! some stupid mechanic in the game, one card has the description cannot be dispelled, and the other card removes all dispellable and undispellable status effects … in the end it looks like a bug, maybe SG will do something about it

Gazelle & Chameleon REMOVE effects, not dispell.

Difference of words…

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anyway, the implementation of the new mechanics (auto-attack balder, stonecleave) with remove effects looks ridiculous in the game

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t particularly like it either…

My comments from when Chameleon & Gazelle were in beta:

But anyways, that’s all off topic for this thread

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I love this idea. Right now fighting Baldur is like swatting a fly buzzing around your head - annoying but you basically ignore it. The increased damage will help, particularly if he starts attacking on cast, but I’m not sure it’s increased enough to make a difference (and make up for the randomness on offense). A stack would make him fully worth the rings.

Khagan gets a small boost (maybe – they have played this card before). What about the rest of the TC20 heroes? Obakan, Horghall, Kelille, the yellow 4*'s …


Since Khagan is in the spotlight this time (missed last time whilst rebalancing some heroes), I have to say I absolutely love the idea of him being average mana with no def buff and a team/three cleanser. It is doable. SGG listened to us in regards to Atomos, they even buffed him further. Having an average mana red 5* available from TC20 is a great move. You can definitely make revenue on his costume, which ultimately would increase his value even more, despite of what would the special actually do. #letsmakeKhagangreatagain


I mean, it’s physically painful to say this, but KHAGA! Khagan Has Average Generation Atlast!

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