E&P Fantasy League

What’s better than a mobile fantasy game? A fantasy league about the fantasy game, of course! Everyone else has fantasy leagues - fantasy football, fantasy baseball, even fantasy League of Legends - so why shouldn’t we have one? Let’s bring this game into the 21st century people!!

For each round of alliance wars Small Giant should have featured matchups between top 10 alliances streamed live on their Twitch channel. Every other alliance will function as its own fantasy league where, as part of the preparation phase, members will be able to draft 10 members from the top 10 alliances and gain rewards based on their drafted players’ performance!

In addition, each player will be able to predict the outcome of all 5 matches and, if correct, receive a guaranteed non-farmable ascension mat! Will 7DD hold onto their undefeated streak vs. HHR? Who will come out on top in the all-European matchup of - LEVIATHANS - vs. Sturm des Himmels? Guess right and you could be a WINNER!!!

This is literally the best idea ever proposed on the forums. If the devs don’t start working on this immediately then I have no idea what they’re doing, I’m giving away a multi-million dollar idea for free here.

Sounds like a fun idea to me!

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I take Kamikaze with my first selection…

A sure fire way to lose…

Well, I’d be my second pick…not that interested in winning I guess.

Hmm could be an interesting addition for sure but if we get to pick which player we attack would be just the same as a grudge match.
I am sure there are a few who would pick me lol well at least one for sure
But I do hope they look at the suggestion