Dragons Reach - 140k, 11-12* & AW strategy

So you’re looking for an alliance? What’s important to you?

We have a seasoned group of international players, all English speaking.

The alliance is almost 700 days old. Most of the players have been with the alliance for over half a year. A few more for at least three months. The core players are very strong and at a time Dragons Reach was a top 50 alliance.

There’s absolutely no adolescent banter. We’re chatty most of the time but get fatigued after alliance wars. We have mostly mature adults, I think our youngest is in their 20s. We are definitely missing the hyper competitive component, but don’t let that fool you, we rotate between 11 and 12 star Titans and 5500-6000+ scores in AW. It’s rare to have an unused AW flag, but it happens. We implement the standard soft-target AW strategy.

We Are looking for members that have at least 4000 team power, several alliance war teams, and maintain at least a 2200 trophies. This requisite would place you toward the bottom of our alliance, but that’s OK as long as you’re steadily growing.

Check us out! We think you’ll stick around :slight_smile:

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