Down the rabbit hole.../The Cheshire Cat are both recruiting

Down the rabbit hole… is a top 200 :wink: (with very short entrances in top 100) alliance when full and is sometimes looking for active 3700+ tp members. We are on 11 and 12* titans. Right now not recruiting, but we do have a spot, so might change…

The Cheshire Cat is our sister alliance and is a bit more casual (our rabbit hole members go there for a bit of a rest also) and is on 7 and 8* titans. They are looking for a few extra lvl 20+ members.

We are a very helpful group of players and we have managed to get this far while maintaining a relaxed atmosphere with no drama.
We also share a joined line group, which is helpful, but not obligatory.

If you’d like to join, you can knock on the doors, reply to this message, or send me a message on line, line id konijntje-pluis


Still looking for members, we had a few leaving in Down the rabbit hole… this week, so room for a few there right now. And still looking to add a few more people to our training alliance The Cheshire Cat.

Although I do enjoy a nice conversation with myself, if anyone has questions or wants to join, please do :wink:

Down the rabbit hole… is currently full, but we still take applications through line or the forums.

Or you could join The Cheshire Cat, either to learn and grow or to get the first available spot that comes up in Down the rabbit hole…

We have 3 openings in Down the rabbit hole… Taking down 10 and 11* titans.
Currently we have a 10* harpy, if you’re fast you can get in on the action :wink:

3 Openings in down the rabbit hole… again. Still taking down 10 and 11s (and 1 12 because it was a rare :wink: ).
Join before war matching or after if we still have spots.

All filled up again.
The Cheshire Cat still has a few spots (not actively recruiting, but everyone welcome) and if you want to join down the rabbit hole… you can leave a message here or on line konijntje-pluis

Recruiting again, I think the first message still applies, except the Cheshire Cat is more like a little sister alliance now.

So, Down the rabbit hole…: tp >3500, titans 10-12* (we usually only kill the 12* when they are rare).
The Cheshire Cat: no tp requirement, titans 7-8*.
Both alliances enjoy war, but have no problem with people opting out if they want to skip a war or a few wars (if you don’t opt out, we require people to use all flags).

Line-id is still konijntje-pluis , but just knocking on the door works also.

Bump. Still recruiting, I am hoping to fill back up without setting foot in ingame alliance recruitment :wink: .

We were full, but a few left again, I guess we weren’t the right fit for them. So, bump-the-bump-bump.

Still some spots available :slight_smile:

Switched location. I am really interested. At the moment we have 23 points of war chest, then final decision is made. As I can see, I shouldn’t be a stone on alliance neck. If the invitation will be still active :slight_smile:

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Sure, just let me know when you’ve filled your warchest (will either be tomorrow or Thursday :wink: ), if we are full by then, I can make a spot (we have someone in the Rabbit hole with 2 accounts, he is willing to go to the Cheshire Cat with his second account when we are rearranging, very convenient). At the moment we have 3 spots, so probably won’t be a problem.

Ok, pay attention on my game nickname: /7yLLlKuH :slightly_smiling_face:

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Updated our first message.
The Cheshire Cat is looking for a few members, lvl 20+. More info can be read in first message :wink:

I am a 40+ player with 2300+ cups, fairly active player, looking for a more relaxed atmosphere, do you still have room?

Yes, we do. The Cheshire Cat currently has 22 members and we are looking to fill it up to 25-26 (not completely full, we like to save some spots for rabbit hole members).
Or were you looking for a spot in the Rabbit hole? We do have 1 spot there too ;-). Relaxed atmosphere too, but we do require a higher level of activity, those high level titans require some more hits…

Cheshire sounds more up my alley at this time. If I may?

Yes, I’ll let them know you’ll be coming over. Is your in game name the same?

Yes, kingdombeyond. Thank you very much!

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