Does time to Kill titan Matter?

Good Day All,
I can’t seem to find a clear and concise answer. We are debating it within our Alliance, but I am wondering if anyone knows if the time it takes to kill the titan plays into the formula for what titan appears next?
We have been rebuilding our alliance after our leader went MIA, and we are trying to get back to 9 star and 10 star titans.
Our Alliance has been burning down 5 and 6 star titans in under 2 hours in hopes of getting a higher level titan next. Maybe it doesn’t matter?

Thanks in Advance!

It does not matter. I think that much is certain(It was confirmed by the devs, right?)
There is some logic behind it probably regarding alliance point, but pretty much nothing is sure (other than that the time to kill does not matter)


I THINK that there is a set amount of time between titans. So, if you kill the titan quicker, your alliance has more time to build up your titan attacks for the next one. That’s the only benefit that I know of for killing a titan quickly.


SPG confirmed that speed of kill has no impact on titan score.
As mentioned above, spawn time is 23hrs from previous titan.
As you you kill titans, there is a bit of randomness to what you get. You can skip levels,. Typically you can expect 3 of each level before moving up, sometimes more, sometimes less