Does anyone have the hero Cyprian?


I had the misfortune to have him come up when I cashed in my 300 gems. I’ve read what he does, but it makes no sense to m.

Can someone explain his function? Right now I leave him out of all battles.

Thank you.


When his special ability is active then 110% (max leveled) of the damage received is reflected back to the caster.

Say I have a hero with his buff active.
You send 3 blue tiles crashing into him for a combined 150 damage.
My hero will then take 150 damage, but your blue hero will take 165 damage. (165 = 150x110%)

Same applies to special abilities that cause damage.


Thanks for your explanation, but it’s still confusing.

First of all, what does “buff active” mean?

So from what I understand, if an enemy sends 100 damage to him, he takes a 100 hit but also reflects 110 damage back?

If that’s the case, I think I’ll use him to upgrade someone else.


Buff active means he has used his special ability and the hero that takes damage has his buff on.

The easiest way to figure it out is to put him in your line up, and try a simple map stage. That way you see how the buff looks and how it works.

He is a pretty fun hero to use, so I wouldnt recommend feeding him to another hero. :slight_smile:


I have put him in battles, but I don’t see what he does. Also I don’t know what a “map stage” is.

This game is very good, but what is sorely needed is an explanation of all the data on each hero. e.g. how does Level Up differ from Ascend? What makes the level number rise? What does the heart symbol represent? What does mana speed mean? What does the power number represent?

None of this is explained anywhere.


There are some really good resources you can find though this forum.

Those should get you started :slight_smile:


Let me try to help…

You want to put Cyprian between two other heroes. He basically boosts them with “Perfect Riposte” which enables them to hit back while the buff (his ability) is active, which is 5 turns from when he is activated (he glows and you click him). His card looks like this:

When I used him in a recent fight, the two heroes to either side DIED before he could use his special ability, which, er, kinda rendered him useless for the special, though he can still hit:

This is a Province, the individual numbers are map stages:

If I wanted Province 12, stage 2, I might abbreviate it to 12-2.

You’ll find most of this in Coppersky and/or one of the links she publishes at the end of her Guide:

Heart symbols traditionally mean Health in every video game I’ve ever played.

I look at Level up and Ascension as two halves of the same whole: I level up till I can ascend, then do it again until I can no longer do either and have become maxed.

Mana speed is how quickly that hero can get to their special, how fast they absorb mana.

Power numbers are the definition of the strength of that hero. If you click the Summon Gate, then Epic Hero Summon, you will see a virtual rainbow of heroes. Stop on any one and click the ? button to see their stats. :wink:


Thanks for your help and references. They are very useful.

I still don’t like Cyprian. I’ll keep him on my defensive team and forget about him…hoping to have more luck the next time I hit 300 gems.

One question…what do the numbers under the monster’s swords mean? They change with every exchange.


the number under a monster’s sword is a countdown to their turn to hit. It always lights on fire when it gets to 1 - probably just to draw attention. If you see something that collects mana (will have a red health bar and a blue mana bar) then sometimes you will see the number turn to a ‘S’. This means that their special is charged and ready to go!


Cyprian is new for me. Have just gotten him levelled enough to be useful. I’ve enjoyed having him on the team against big bad monsters that like to do damage on my whole team. Cyprian will send back damage to the caster from al three of my heroes that he had shielded. :slight_smile: So, limited situations where he is really, really useful. He can be ok on raid defense if you put him in a middle side position, up to a point where he just isn’t sturdy enough to keep up. Easily countered with a hero that will erase his special though.