Do trophies have

any bearing on anything other than bragging rights? do they affect things like quests or boost drop rates, or anything?

At the moment cups are mostly bragging rights for the player.
They are a part of alliance score as well


thanks! so it looks like there’s no harm in tanking my score during the timer so that i can fill the chest faster.

It is a common strategy

It’s a practice that is frowned on by some. (I’m not one of them… I also drop cups).
It could be considered a form of ‘bullying’ to drop down to face players that are inherently weaker to take their resources when you beat them.

This tickled my conscience (admittedly). I only raid for the hero chests… no interest in high level of cups, and find the mechanic when at your upper limit of cups quite frustrating. But the fact that I am holding other players back (taking their resources, and their cups) when I have an obviously stronger team doesn’t leave me feeling the best.

Fortunately I was given a great suggestion around this:
When raiding, beat 4 out of the 5 in the opposing team, and then flee. You keep your hero count ticking over to fill your chest, but you are not taking cups nor resources from your opponent. And you stop yourself from naturally rising in cups again and then needing to go through an effort to drop them. I do this to keep my cups at a comfortable level… I drop down to a threshold, then win a few encounters to rise back up and repeat. I tend to re-roll to make my wins big and my losses small, so I’m limiting the times I need to win as much as possible.

I prefer to keep my cups at a certain level instead of just dropping them to 0 for a couple or reasons:

  • It keeps the raids at least vaguely interesting - still have to play with some judgement to win the encounter.
  • Still places me in a reasonable level in my alliance - more difficult to be taken seriously if you’re sitting on 0 cups. :slight_smile:

Trophies are useless unless you need your ego stroked or enjoy peen measuring contests…


Well Chuck,

I don’t think everyone feels the way you do about trophies

I for one enjoy the PVP action and the various strategies in my quest of defeating a player that has a higher rating than myself

For those who don’t enjoy Raid (and they are out there), cups are this shy of useless.

However, I remind you of the fact that they ARE used as an entry ticket to various higher alliances. If you have your eyes on the Leaderboard, keep your cups as high as you can. :wink:

hugs Chuck!

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They are worthless outside of those bragging rights as others have said. It’s kinda silly to have to run a cycle of dropping cups to get teams you can beat to get the bounty quest done for the day. Otherwise you get stuck with requiring the game’s core mechanic, RNGesus, to bless you (not really) with combos to beat a competitive team. Not a good system given the rubbish core game design.

Well yes and no.

  1. cups collectively add to your alliance total score

  2. as others have said before, alliances use them as a short yardstick to measure ability of new recruits (I.e., a raw new player could not possibly have, say 2600 cups and so join an elite alliance).

I am one who didn’t like to raid because my team was weak so trophies were worthless to me. Now that I have hit 3300 team power and climbing, raiding is more interesting. That being said, the trophy aspect is weak. I do understand it is probably the only reliable measurement they have to determine rank on the leaderboard though.

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If praying for a good board with lots of cascades is what coming up with interesting strategies is, then yeah raiding is so exciting…and everyone talking about alliance points for cups, sounds like verification of my point on ego stroking…all running up cups does for you is make your chest harder to fill. Hell, even if they determined the loot in the chest based on the strengths of the heros you beat to fill the chest, that would be incentive enough to keep cups high, but right now, the game gives you zero incentive to keep those cups up…

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Chuck, you know how we ran things. Cups to get in the door, then…up to you.

I’d like to see an easily understandable, followable path for cups domination (to fill that ol Chest). That’s what I asked Santa for… :wink: