Do emblems tip the favor from Freya to Domitia

I earned a tabard as titan loot today (I know, pretty fortunate) and am now able to ascend my next purple. My choice is, essentially, Freya or Domita. Both are a 3.70 (Domitia has been there for about a year) and it seems obvious to opt for Freya. On the other hand, while I don’t have the costume, I have many rogue emblems. Does that tip the favor to Domitia, or would an unemblemed Freya sill be more useful.

Without costume? IMHO no…
And odds of pulling are low enough even for pretty heavy spenders are low enough that it shouldn’t be factored in to the decision.

With rogue options up next in other colours (especially Alice or Puss)? Definitely no.

What else do you have maxed in other colours? Are there any particularly good synergies for either hero to factor in?

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Freya for sure she is a live saver, have at +18. Her minions can carry on their own, and it’s fine to watch the enemy hero get hit with 300+ minion damage. The defense up is huge and she is like a qusai hero that has decent tile damage.

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I’m still leveling my Freya, but can say for certain even at 4^40, she’s a force to be reckoned with. I’d say she’ll serve you better than Dom, even w/ some emblems.

Edit: took a closer look at your roster - w/ Sartana and Seshat already maxed, I think Dom has little to offer. Freya for sure.


Thanks. Re the emblems, Freya won’t get any of my Druid emblems as Telluria’s my tank – yes, I am part of the problem.

Agree, from a raiding perspective. I currently raid 3-2 most of the time, and purple == Seshat, Ursena, and Rigard (and sometimes Hel). So, Domitia adds nothing to that as she’s slower than Seshat who also has the debuff.

I was thinking about AW. This hero will be one of my six best purple heroes, so I was kind of thinking of Domitia as “leading” one of my war teams in an AW with lots of yellow tanks or flanks.

You may be saying that Freya maxed and without emblems would be part of my raiding team, in place of, say, Ursena. That’s an interesting proposal. In any case, thanks for the feedback.

Thanks @BubblesUK. I should have specified that I was thinking about AW. You are spot-on to suggest that I think about synergies. The synergies I was thinking about are Domitia’s debuff which I find useful when using Seshat. Having a second purple hero with debuff seems enticing from an AW perspective.

I’ll go back and look harder at Freya to determine the heroes (or their abilities) with whom she shares synergies and whether they’re on my roster. Thanks for the feedback.

Edit: I looked at this thread again –

I may have answered my own question, inadvertently. There is some consensus that she pairs well with other heroes that spawn minions. I have a few of those, notably Telluria and Seshat, but also Buddy, Gobbler, Grimble, Rudolph and a few more. There is also a suggestion that she pairs well with heal over time heroes like C Rigard. Thanks again for the suggestion.

Hi Ric! Yeah looking at your other purples, I think Freya is the way to go. There are a LOT of worthy rogues out there…I always have places to put those emblems. Do you have any other minion makers that would works well with Freya? I have Santa, he’s too slow but woth Buddy, him an Freya make a nasty couple.

Telly is a Paladin…not a Druid. Do you mean Vela as a flank? She is Druid. Since you have Seshat and Sartana and don’t have Dom’s costume it’s a no brainer for Freya. With costume I’d go Domitia for what it’s worth.


I did mean Vela, sorry. Thx

I also have both waiting on 1 tabard, but I also have Domitia’s costume. I still may do Freya first because I have Kage, Sheshat, and Clarissa maxed and +19 Costumed Rigard. I usually do mono teams for war and between Freya def buff and minions and Clarissa’s elemental link that team should be able to take a beating. Although if I did Domitia I would probably make a 6th war team using her.

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