Display issue?

@GrandGousier There is no issue with this. In wars, if a troop is not assigned to a hero the system automatically applies a common villager troop. These troops have no stats or boosts to your heroes.

This is common if a troop was applied to your war team at one time, then you fed that troop to another troop. The war board is not connected to your defense team so it doesn’t update when you apply the new troop to your defense. The war board ‘sees’ the old troop is gone and just adds a common villager to replace it.

The best way to avoid this is to always check your teams and troops before the war starts.

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Ah OK ! Thank you very much for your answer, Lady Suzanne


we just have war with the alliance VenatoresTitanas and attacked Rapunzel752-fight I won the point of war but I was awarded 0 points and the opponent is still active

@gucioroo This is a different question than the one asked by @GrandGousier. What you’re describing has been reported multiple times on this forum. If you perform a search of the forum for something like ‘0 points in war’, you should find several threads describing this.

The general consensus is it is a time-out issue when connecting to the server or an interruption of Wi-Fi/cell service during the battle. For most, it’s likely the first one :expressionless:

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I do not have time to look at this little transparent forum !!! here you can not see anything and no one knows where to write I have a problem with the war allies and that’s it! do not let me answer with wifi or something … there was an attack, no points were allocated, so do something with it

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@gucioroo I DID do something with it - I tried to help with your issue. That is the best that I can do as I am a player like you. The only people that can help (other than give you the information I did) are the developers.

As for getting the attention of the developers, you will need to place your issue into a thread that is about what you are trying to get help with. This means learning how to use the forum, the search function, and posting. Trying to hijack a thread on a different subject will not get their attention…at least not on a constructive way.

As you seem to be having difficulties with the forum, here is a link to the place you should start. These are the forum rules. Please read them and pay close attention to the areas that deal with forum etiquette.


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