Display Emblem Totals


as a recruiter, main thing I’m now looking at is the number of emblem a player has available.

That’s why I propose that this inormation be available from the same screen where you see the number of emblems that is currently available / unused. The total emblems owned by the player should be displayed next to that number. This should be a very easy fix from SG.


In my honest opinion, just either stipulate numbers you want or ask in your recruitment advert.
Why are you only interested in emblems people have in stock rather than allocated to heroes

I am not sure way would player share such a thing if you need this numbers and you have player that want to join you ask them to share it through LINE.

I don’t want anyone looking at my account. What a weird request, would you not trust someone you are recruiting for their word?

No. People tell the wildest tales about their capabilities to get into a good alliance.

But this isn’t the way to go about business either. Perhaps maximum possible team power and/or number of maxed 4s/5s could prove useful in this regard instead.

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