Dispell doesn’t work when target killed(!) [CLOSED]

I just had this: enemy had two heroes remainig and their Wu had just cast berserk. I killed one of the heroes with Caedmon’s spell and he died. Animation for dispell went on but the last hero retained the berserker buff.

Please look at this. I will record next encounters for proof.


Was there a blind or a wukong buff on your caedmon?


He does not posses blind capabilities.

Close: I had Wu buff. I did not realise that.

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On another note how are secondary effects decupled from the main effect and why?

My spell hit and killed so why the effect has separate roll? Doesn’t seem right.

Just is, same as skills that hit multiple opponen have to check misses seperately for each one.

It could be different sure, but this is the way it is now and I really don’t see a reason to change it (it would be a buff to wu and a nerf to blind, neither of which I see as a needed thing)

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Fair enough.

20 characters

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Even more granular: each action on each foe has a check. It’s possible to cast Caedmon and have him hit the target for damage but not dispel the target, or vice versa.

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