Discussion: Changes to Event Schedule (March 2021 onwards)

Raistlin76: But then how are people going to spend all their money chasing old heroes if they shorten TOL? I agree the time needed for completion and the time the portal is open is unbalanced.

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I personally won’t be using any WE flasks at vallaha as all it is really is reduced WE and gnomes. Im still need to complete normal I’m near the end but I barely done anything on hard.
I’ll just play what I can when it’s on to complete it.

Atlantis I’ll use as much WE and flasks as possible as the 50% in loot to me has more vaule
But each to there own.


Flask wise I will be doing Atlantis until 28 says in queue for backpacks and save rest for vahalla, need to complete hard mode.

That would be a first.


can SG lower the price of gems since there are 2 weeks with marathon event while i have to do social distancing in my spending?

Answer the poll guys.

Curious on how these new features and events will affect your spending patterns in the game.

For me, I am going to spend the most I ever have for the 1st S4 summons portal. Outside of that. My spending is basically the same. Though I am buying some of the higher diamond offers (like the $30 ninja) for the gems to slowly build my stash for S4

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It’s not the new schedule that may affect my spending patterns, it’s actually how they decide to release the costumes that will.

Because if we end up having to summon the costumes for our premium heroes, I am not going to be the sucker chasing uncostumed versions on whatever new challenges or Seasons will be :slight_smile:


I’m sure our overly busy moderators appreciate any help they can get!


I started playing in October 2019 shortly after s2 came out then s3 now s4 with way op heros coming this is being rushed way to quickly and it seems just to get $ how can 3 seasons be released when I’ve only been playing 16 months not 3 years …we’re not being listened to at all by zynga which is SGs puppet master, it’s sad as I think SG actually cared about its player base but that kinda whent out the window after the zynga buy out.

I’d say don’t spend to get heard but I still see ppl spending away like crazy to keep up appearances which is crazy there’s just gona be another next best thing to chase, sometimes think a heroine habit would be easier and more rewarding :laughing:

Note: I don’t condone using heroine


Okay I don’t see any messages poping up. Is Mythic Titan still coming tomorrow?

Here is my issue…stop making the new levels cost so much to do. Even being level 64, with full flags, I can only complete 4 stages on hard and then have to wait half a day to keep going. Idk why you insist on making the levels cost so damn much to complete. I’ve completed s3 easy and on 26 hard. Think I want to finish s3 before I want to start s4, then again I want to complete the levels on s4 to get the coins to do a pull. I can’t wait to pull dawa from the portal after completing the levels.


AND where is a surprise hero for Valhalla (like Ursena was for atlantis) before Season 4 starts? :frowning:

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Tavern can be change to monthly special quest with reduce stages to give folks coins for 1 free summon because nothing else is gain. Move tavern summons to daily summons and just get rid of the old s1 junk Portal now. Tavern sand normal portal basically same thing; folks will be pulling mostly s1 heroes anyhow; at least with Tavern portal taking over new players can get some hotm and old players can gamble away… reduce the odds if need for hotm.

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I’ve no issue with the changes. Makes no difference to me and S4 starting next month gives something new for those that have completed everything to have something new to do. As opposed to the much longer length of time people were waiting for S3 after S2 finished.

With the 4wk bit though may cause issue some months where have 2 of the same event.

Quick question: Is S4 supposed to be labeled as Voyagers of the Underworld instead of Voyagers of the Underwild? Or is Underwild correct?

In many cases it’s not the duration, but when they land in the week

If they’re packing the schedule and trying to push more scarcity — just remember all events aren’t created equal…; still a lot to do


So, it seems like packed schedule, I can just imagine what happens in a couple of years when Season 5 comes out.
In any case, i haven’t completed S3 as i am working on the avatar missions, so there’s no rush to start S4. However, is there any clue as to whether you can do the S4 and S3 avatar missions concurrently? Ie. Don’t need to complete S3 missions first? If so, i would probably work on S4 daily, while using the Valhalla forever event to complete S3.

I think the POV is too close together and some of the events are too close together. I play the game everyday, but I don’t want to have the pressure that I need to get things done every day. I also feel like the game is just doing things to bring in more income. Paid portion of POV, Goblin Balloon and now having more and more events happening more and more often. Just make the game enjoyable to play, stop trying to grab more money! LOL!


You spelled months wrong :sweat_smile:

I think the change is neither positive nor negative. I don’t really have a problem with most of it, only Atlantis rising starting on Monday is suboptimal, I would prefer Atlantis and wallhalla both on weekends, and some other things (costume, Mythic Titan) during the week.

S4 starts a little bit too early, I think at least some months later would have been better. I’m already finished with S3 but most of my Alliance mates are far from done. Also a lot of unleveled S3 heroes because of mats shortage, with S4 coming some of them will probably become obsolete before we get a chance to use them.


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