DID 2 titan attacks but the result is shown as I am a different player. So I get the first and second place at the same time. Greetings reeder

Titan attack of one player is divided. I did two attacks and now I am placed on the first and second place

Screenshot please…

Failure was corrected when more than 2 players attacked the titan. Have unfortunately no Screenshot. My score was OK.



Have install the Christmas version - looks funny, now I get no contact to vour server. Any idea how to solve the problem?



Here the screen shot nothing happens. The w-lan is OK. After 10 minutes the unable to connect to the server message appears

Hey there:

  • Try to force stop the application and then clear the cash of E&P.
  • Rebot your device then liad the game again.


Cache cleaning works for 1 time. Now I try to start and the result is still the same. I hope I do not have to clean the cache each time when I try to start the came.



@Sara please take a look here.
It might be a big bug.

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