Devs please buff up Quintus! Suggestions on possible Specials?

Please consider buffing up Quintus! Maybe from Slow to Average and add a special of some kind. Even something like a holy defence buff. Of something relating to his “thunder”

Anyone have suggestions on possible specials for him?

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Slow to average? Are you joking?

He would be easily the best in the game, his AOE damage is the highest in the game,

I honestly don’t even know what kind of buff they would give him

Probably some stat buff

Have you ever been hit by Quintus with Wu’s Special? Will easily kill you whole team. He does a great amount of damage. Maybe a -28 mana debuff of health debuff for three turns. But he hits hard.

Already buffed, he is a good hero but as every slow he is situational.

Be happy, there’s worst heroes in this game.

My suggestion (in another thread) was that Quintus should charge up his allies’ mana by a bit—just a clean “adds 20% mana to caster and allies” addition to his special.

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To be fair, Isarnia does slightly less special dmg but got an awesomely strong debuff.

So a suggestion to add something to Quintus is not that off.

But same goes for other heroes that could need a(nother) tune.

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They could reduce his direct damage but add poison damage over time to make him the dark equivalent of Azlar. It seems strange that Nashgar, Jahangir, Kelile, Colen, Marjana, Azlar, and Natalya all deal burn damage, while Oberon and Sartana are the only heroes that deal poison damage. Purple has a strange double identity with both poison and electricity.


I really like the clean zzzzZAPP! of Quintus. He’s clearly electrical, so adding poison DoT doesn’t make much sense. If anything, add a stun (attack debuff) effect, but ,ynproposal was trying to avoid the effect game altogether.

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