Devana – 5* Holy/ Yellow - July 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

@Homaclese for first time I agree with you :joy:

What’s the fun in that?

Agree with this. But what a coincidence after the Best Elemental Link, we will get the Worst Elemental Link in the next HOTM Rotation :sweat_smile::joy::joy::joy:


Worse than the minions that make Skadi salivate? Not in my book, but it’s close!

All attack route:


Seshat was amazing on release. She’s two years old now and has far more counters - she was pretty much unassailable in her heyday. Mine is still used against nearly all teams that don’t contain a minion hunter. I imagine Devana would counter her very effectively.


Lmao. Me also

20 characters

Not all people have Skadi
If you are bring that HOTM and Mono facing Skadi, then it’s your own stupidity
At least the Minions give you extra small HP (5%) rather than new Elemental Link (Extra 2-4% heal, only if you heal after that Elemental Link)
And last one even in Defense, it’s only spawn for their own cause most of the time, Defense Team is Rainbow

So Devana’s third special reads that before Lynx minion hits target it destroys all minions. So is it after her special is fired the minions remove all minions from a random target to which Devana’s minions hit or is it her special’s removing minions before she hits. Just a little unsure.

Should be the minion removing other minions. So before the minion hits a target it will remove all minions on that target and then hit.


Thanks Wholf. I just figured it out. Did a raid with her. Seems like better to have more than one of her in the team in case there isn’t a minion remover like cGormek.

I’ve been playing her on raids and in defence, and she’s as good as I had hoped. Her element link is cool, setting off Bai Yeong and Malosi, plus the x3 hit, the de-buffing and the tanky minion killing minion +immune to minion hassles: Only wish I had 2.


I’d recommend gazelle

After waiting over a year, I finally got the Hotm and a decent one at that! Hopefully, the dry streak is over.


I just realized that Devana resists the mana reduction from lady of the lakes sword minions. Maybe obvious to some; nice surprise for me.


And Bera’s minion poison. She is my go to hero against defenses that have LotL and Bera.


Has anyone else noticed that the minions to not clear buffs as the card says? I have her maxed and I have yet to see any buffs removed on attack

She dispels from 3 when she first attacks. Her minion does not dispel on its attack.

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If you want a minion counter rather than a minion mitigator, then I think this is true.

I only got one, but I am thinking she will have good synergy with Noor. Noor will auto spawn one minion and Devenna’s minion will follow, and 2 minion-killing minions should be a decent minion counter


Is Devana’s link affected by Mica’s special?

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