Defending Problems


3 days i have loss every raid i did every revenge and even when they raided me i still loss i hsve in 3 days loss a total of 523 cups theres diffently something wrong wirh this the raiding thing needs to be reworked so we at lest win some i am not complaining i just want you to look into this problem furthers please and if its a bug please fix it


I’ve seen the screenshot for some of these.


I think most people are having that issue. Some are losing over 400 trophies while they sleep and raiding or revenging is causing very negative results. Hoping the algorithims turn around soon or I can see a lot of people walking away from this game.


I don’t think there’s an issue. It’s easy to get cups while attacking. As the game evolves, people will need to shift their defense teams and offense teams apart from one another. I have a TERRIBLE team:

  • 3^ 4* (sonya)
  • two 2^ 5* (Hel, Lianna)
  • a 3^ 5* (Marjana)
  • a maxed 4* (Li Xiu)

And still I’ve been able to peak toward the top 50.

But I was fighting people ranked like 34th and stuff. Those were hard-down to the wire matches. I strive to hit new personal bests, sure, but trophies don’t GET you anything… hero kills get you wanted missions, and I’d rather start back at rank 230 and try to get 40 kills in than start from rank 54 and face monster teams of nearly maxed out 5* teams with a maxxed boldtusk.

It’s just easier to get in wins the next morning, and try to find a happy medium.


Will you win i will not attack any more or revenge whats the use right we are never going to win any the only thing i will do is my hero chest thats all i am not mad or angry anymore i am just resign i put my hands up you win


@Starhunter67 I’d suggest making a thread with a screenshot of your Defense team and ask folks for advice. I made a similar thread Titled, “How Would You Kill Me”. You will probably gain nice constructive feedback. @Penari was one of the players giving feedback.

There are some very nice and helpful people in the community that would be willing to offer advice :slight_smile:



Please, this is not a terrible team. Having five 1 star heroes is a terrible team. Having five of the same two star panda is a terrible team. Your team may be not the best, that I will not argue, but it is far from terrible. :slightly_smiling_face:


You’re correct, it is not terrible, but it is in comparison to the top 20 players.


I think you would prefer your team to mine :grin:


That I will not argue with. Using that logic then both my Attack and Defense teams are worse than terrible. :grin:


This is such a great point/advice. I spent so much time leveling up the same five heroes thinking that I would be fine, but at a certain point I started losing all of my raids and couldn’t seem to get a good hit on a titan to save my life. Once I was able to level up a few more heroes and develop both a good attacking team and defense team, I have had a lot more success. This game is so complex and strategic. Love it!


Having a 5 star period is an advantage


Old topic is old. 3 months late lol. Spending a lot of money on the game is an advantage, I don’t any more, but shrug that’s kind of an obvious statement “having the stronger heroes is in an advantage.” uh… yeah?