Def lineup help please

I’m allover the place with what my lineup should look like when all named hera are maxed, which will be pretty soon… any or all suggestions for a solid defece are appreciated!

Vivica, Onatel, Aegir, Misandra, Marjana, Zimkitha, Morgan le Fay, Tarlak, Sartana…

I was leaning towards Morgan tank flanked by misandra and Aegir, with Sartana and Marjana wide… but I have no idea how Onatel is as tank or if i need a solid healer like Viv…

Zim - Misandra - Morgan - Aegir - Sartana


Zim - Sartana - Onatel - Misandra - Marjana

IMO, you are still missing an AOE or 3-target hitter. There should always be one in the right rear position.

I will have Musashi after Onatel, but that will take a while before i have enough darts

Musashi only if you dont have many choices. He is not my fav hero but still works due to fast mana and self heal. Best to have someone with a strong AOE like Azlar/Isarnia.

Dont worry if they are slow mana even because it will in the right rear.

Rear positions are not meant to be vanguards and go into the fight early. They are meant to be the last man standing and turn the tides when things go south. By the time they fight, the tank and flanks are usually dead anyway and from the usual way, the rear would die from specials due to tile ghosting in the middle. Right rear position especially is what I call a gamble position since chances of winning are slim to none if the middle 3 are dead. Its a position that when it launches, it can suddenly turn the raid in your favor. Other than certain super heroes, the ones suited for that position are Azlar/Isarnia/Quintus (I am not going to name any super heroes).

Healers/cleansers/dispels should always be on the left rear to remove any buffs your enemy has and debuffs you may have before starting any other hero skills your team has.

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Zimkitha should flank your Morgan Le Fay to help her survive Gravemaker’s DoT.
By keeping Morgan as tank you could solve the lack of healing to your tank :slight_smile:


Tnx guys… Very helpful stuff!

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