Daily gift claimed at the Site, but not received in game

Day 6 is claimed but not received in game

Don’t think activity log registers items less than 2* or does it ? Not sure about this.

Ho ahead to Claim day 7. What matters is getting the 50 free covenant coins.

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Possibly you are right, but I don’t remember arrows to come(with open new window at the session begin)

It’s a bunch of arrows. I know it’s free but I wouldn’t fret if I miss a bunch of arrows.

I would fret more if I am missing a flask. Those are worth 100 gems each.

You can check your inventory if you do keep track.

Believe me I am here not due to banch of arrows but due to issue in the game only.

Then it’s better to send in a tix to CS for them to check properly. They can see the entire transaction trail and can check if there is indeed a bug.