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We should have the ability to upload our own personal avatar. You submit a change request and someone from SG approves or denies…simple, nothing complicated.

Now imagine 300,000 players requesting a custom avatar. There’s more than that playing. You think a team of 20 or whatever has time to browse through them and accept/deny? :stuck_out_tongue:


If I were interested in personal avatars I’d look first in changing my avatar on the forum.

Yes I do…we pay them well, add more staff. Some people don’t care that much about their avatar so taking a little time to make sure the avatar isn’t anything offensive should be no problem.

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I care more about a better avatar on the game versus the forum. The forum is ok but I’m not on it as much as the game.

First, why not: SG has figured out that rare avatars are a zero-cost but valued reward in events.

Second, how it could work: suppose SG charged 500 gems (5 €/$/£) to upload an avatar for review. It can’t take more than 3 minutes to review and approve/decline an avatar, so earnings would be $100/hour, which is more than enough to cover the all-in costs of an employee. There would need to be clear guidelines and non-refundable fees when a user submitted a non-conforming avatar.


Would be nice if we could use pictures from your personal gallery as in game profile avatar

And how long before we see someone’s


I played a different game that had this feature. We’re there some inappropriate pictures? Depends on what you considered inappropriate. I never saw a blatantly bad one but I’m sure they exist. They were more so “naughty fun” pictures, but not outright crossing a line.

Still, I wouldn’t doubt with over 1 million accounts, there would be some abuse.

If u have line and have seen the avatars there…it speaks for itself

Even I’ve used “inappropriate” avatars out of humor and with war bets & other activities it’s common place for the loser to wear humiliating avatars and/or names

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Can we get some Aussie avatars/heros as we are a unique continent? Examples Drop Bear (Koala), Tassie Devil, Kangaroo, Emu, Dingo, Wombat, many snakes, spiders, crocs etc? We have lots of dangerous animals to chose from. Love an angry Drop Bear.

We also have plenty of “heros” like Ned Kelly, Captain Thunderbolt, etc.

Hello fellow Aussie!

I’d love some of those avatars

On another thread I suggested a Ned Kelly card. Someone else did up a mock card for him too!


That’s kool Guvnor, that would be great. Hope those responsible at least look into it. Plenty of Aussie alliances out there as customers.

The downunder family. Would be excellent

I’d like to put a custom avatar on my profile, not the forum one, the game one. Is it possible?


No, sorry.

Only the game heroes and monsters that are included, or you earn or buy.

Custom avatars would probably lead to naughty things.


No, but they will happily sell you recycled images to use as avatars. I’m waiting for them to include crafting materials as avatars. Midnight Roots avatar for only 1500 gems!


To Zephyr 1, sorry and thanks, i thought i had it in the proper category.
Thank again, for all the info you’re sharing.
To LilKaf see above comment :grin:


If you change it to this sg might change it so you can! :wink:

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Whoops. Didn’t realize it was moved to there. Can probably fit in either. I’ll leave as is. Carry on.

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