Custom Avatars


We should have the ability to upload our own personal avatar. You submit a change request and someone from SG approves or denies…simple, nothing complicated.


Now imagine 300,000 players requesting a custom avatar. There’s more than that playing. You think a team of 20 or whatever has time to browse through them and accept/deny? :stuck_out_tongue:


If I were interested in personal avatars I’d look first in changing my avatar on the forum.


Yes I do…we pay them well, add more staff. Some people don’t care that much about their avatar so taking a little time to make sure the avatar isn’t anything offensive should be no problem.


I care more about a better avatar on the game versus the forum. The forum is ok but I’m not on it as much as the game.


First, why not: SG has figured out that rare avatars are a zero-cost but valued reward in events.

Second, how it could work: suppose SG charged 500 gems (5 €/$/£) to upload an avatar for review. It can’t take more than 3 minutes to review and approve/decline an avatar, so earnings would be $100/hour, which is more than enough to cover the all-in costs of an employee. There would need to be clear guidelines and non-refundable fees when a user submitted a non-conforming avatar.