Crew-Sapphires -- Part of the Crew family!

Great part of the Crew family. Kill And chill family

Thank you @Iago!
Happy new year, Sapphires still looking to fill their spots!
See you for the 2021 bump!

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The crew family…get your chance to join…they are fun, informative, and provide food

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the fun and informative, yup

the food part…well all i can say is you better get in early lol

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Morning call for those looking for a kill and chill alliance

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Hey that’s the same home as Crew-Rogues We chill and kill :blush:

Yes but they play by the rules… LOL, come see what we mean.

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Who doesn’t want to kill and chill?
Still open spots!


No rules just have fun and enjoy comraderie!

12 free spots.
Come and see what Crew means!

Still looking for new member or group of members!

Should be we eat Chili while we do some killing…you know because food draws people in…or maybe just say bacon!!!

Time for a friendly bump

I remember that song doing the bump!

Just in time for the new POV!

Crew-Sapphires is looking for new gems!

Looking to grow, chillax, and slay some titans?! Come over to Crew-Sapphires!

Message us on line if you have questions!
LineID: pandapolacco
LineID: amateurdez

Don’t forget to check out the other crew threads in our crew alliance! We’ll help you find the right crew for you :slight_smile:

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I love chili!

20 Chili’s

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Get in while the getting is good…

New thread: [21/30] Crew-Sapphires! *Rebuilding* and looking for new GEMS! 9 spots!

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