Crew-Sapphires -- Part of the Crew family!

Crew Sapphires is recruiting, we are active and friendly alliance, we are competitive but stress free. We are drama free and keep it that way. We are looking for active players!

Adults 18+
Level 30+
4000 TP
War is optional but must use all flags if opt-in
Currently at 10* /11* Titans (No minimum required but MUST hit daily)

Line Id: Wiser27 or ZandraMage

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What a perfect way to start your forum journey!!

We may need to ask (beg) @LadyEva to make you a logo for your profile picture.

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@LadyEva Pretty please :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha I could never say no to a friend of @Math4lyfe :heart:
Find me on Line, we’ll get ya looking spiffy @Wiser27!


This is great. How many do you need @Wiser27, givem a poster bub, family is here to help


@Guvnor or whoever does it, can we get THE NEW Sapphires link updated with the rest of the crew family please. I’m not a forum guy for that. Thanks for the help


Friend of all crew family…happy to help…bump up accomplished


It’s been a great couple of months for me with you guys! The teamwork, bonding, and FUN is amazing! Crew-Sapphires rocks! Thanks, guys!


Done :slight_smile:


I am looking for 5 players right now. Thank you!

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How are things in Sapphires?

Hey Tess!!!

Everything is going great, just finally getting some forum time :slight_smile:

How is everything going there?

Don’t think I’ve seen this here yet.


Things are swell

Glad to see y’all recruiting actively. Sapphires has been hiding for too long

Nice poster @Iago :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yeah I know. I finally decided to get in the wagon :slight_smile:

@Wiser27 how many spots you got?

@Math4lyfe are the scoundrels I dragged into Rabid ready for move up yet??

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Hey Ched, we have 6 spots open.

Thank you!

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I’ve asked Dr Col and Ancora (they are in Crew-Rabid at the minute) if they feel ready to jump up. Both good players with decent rosters. They were in my old alliance and jumped over to crew when it went south.

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Thanks for looking out Cheds, but before you mention it to them, please talk with Taz and get the okay from him. He is low in members too and I would hate to take someone from him if he still needs players there. I rather grind right now and get someone new from outside.

Thanks again bro. I appreciate!


We currently have 6 spots open.

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