🎃 Costumed Vanda - 5* Fire/ Red from Return to Morlovia (Halloween)

So I’m nearly ready to emblem Vanda…

Question I put out is do we rate base Vanda or thenCostume Variant more?

The extra turn of protection seems the obvious choice but figure it’s better to what people think

I like c.vanda more for the extra turn of healing steal and ailment block. I went for HP / def on emblems, to me her goal is to survive and protect the team

Got this vampire queen of crime! Yes, my first ailment shielder


Congrats on your C-Vanda, @Tidyup! :partying_face::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:

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Emblemed on original path, used with costume, I might stripp her and emblem-up again on costume path, in the near future.

I use her both in the center of reverse defense, right flanking Vela on war defense and main mono red attack team with lvl.11 mana troops. Happy with her extended ailment block and healing theft.

Most likely I’ll LB her soon.


Vanda costume which talent grid take. Offence or defence/hp;

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