📯 Costumed Salmon Loki – New Season 3 Costume – 5* Dark/ Purple: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Is this a joke? Costumed fish is now at slow speed? :rofl:

SG must be trolling hahaha!


this fn fish now has a mustache and a monocle and some ballin jewelry & pimpin suit

thats like the best artwork ever


Gf just got back into the game and pulled him. She was so excited… then she read his card. She’s about to quit again. I don’t blame her. Such a disappointment for a costume hero.

Pulling him is like getting trolled by SG


she should have waited 2 days for coming back & summoning - untolds portal gonna be exceptional :sweat_smile:

Was expecting cNorns to come out first with “slow” speed, but seeing cSalmon Loki and that it’s still just his first form but slower (for some reason), this just opens the door for them to revisit EVERY costume they’ve released already. Starting with S1 heroes.

They can make Skittleskull average speed. She ain’t doing enough of anything to justify it being slow mana.

Bold of you to think that they’ll actually improve the speed on the costumes. It’s not like Salmon Loki deserved to be downgraded to Slow.

Edit: Especially for S1 heroes. Maybe for the new OP heroes they’ll be faster.

You all just envy that mustache!

But really, before I saw the mana change, I was seriously considering leveling this card if I summoned it… sad.
Anyway… look how perfect it fits to monopoly now :laughing:


I did not notice that his mana speed was changed to slow at first, and that made me feel like his costume was almost what he needed. I’m a little surprised to see him become slow, but the special seems a little more powerful to compensate at least.

I wonder if we’ll see more costumes with different mana speeds than their base version, or if this is just the exception?

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Right. So the hero that is universally considered a Gold Standard for worst hero of the game had his speed reduced for costume. I am starting to think somebody at SGG has a really deep hatred for Salmon Loki for some reason.


We made Salmon Loki cool, and SG just had to throw him under the bus with that slow speed! Because of Salmonella people actually wanted this hero! But not at slow!


These releases just bewilder me. It’s like the devs don’t want you to summon.


I definitely will not, though in my case it’s because 2 new wonderful acquisitions from Kovenant.

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I wonder what the feedback for beta is regarding the change of speeds for certain costumes. I’ve heard of norns changing the speed, but not salmon.
It’s a really bizarre change, on heroes that don’t even need that.
Just turn him back to average speed, there is no reason for him to be slow. It’s a costume anyways, they can just change it back anytime

I have concerns about this precedent of changing speed for costumes.

Now don’t get me wrong. In theory, I love the idea and think it has immense potential. I see a chance to fix some costumes that underwhelm, like for example c1Khagan by increasing the speed of these costumes. I also see potential to increase the speed of some weaker base heroes, like Perseus to Very Fast for example, to make them more on par with their costumes who would be slower.

It also opens up room for costumes for lackluster heroes to shine. I look at Boss Wolf and Guardian Owl for example, and think it would be easier to design a great costume for them at faster speeds than Very Slow. Conversely, it opens up room for costumes for some top tier heroes without pushing the envelope so much. Think cAnne at Average speed or cAramis at Slow with different, if comparable skills.

However, my concern is that in practice, all of this potential will be squandered. One of the most frequent criticisms in beta of late has been that costumes offer nothing new, and just tweak the numbers on the base hero ever so slightly, but effectively just recycle the special skill. Unfortunately, it looks like SG is using this speed difference as a cheap way to get around this by making larger increases to the numbers, and offsetting that with a speed drop. We see this in cSalmon Loki as release, we saw it in cNorns in beta, and we also saw it in cHansel in beta.

So I fear that this will overall just be used as an easy way to tweak the base hero’s numbers up in exchange for a speed drop, or down in exchange for a speed boost (not yet seen, but presumably expected), rather than designing genuinely compelling costumes that fill different niches and add versatility like some older ones did.



I just….


In case releasing Salmon Loki wasn’t enough, this costume pretty much has to be, what, full parody mode?

I’m not even sure which meme applies more here

Or perhaps, most appropriately,

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No fish here, would have loved to hav him and join Salmonella.
But…not enough to pull for a slow fish…
So sad.

@Petri I think you guys drank too much. This fish should be FAST not slow!!
an insult to the fish king!!

If I got him, I’m be using salmon with CB, normal salmon got a really good 2LB power

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That is nuts! :crazy_face: I went for a 5 pull deal since Thor & Baldur is maxed and a costume would’ve been nice.
Pulled Salmon Loki tho’ and now I am crying. You can’t convince me that it’s not hardcore trolling.

Arguably one of the worst (premium) heroes made even worse.
With fast speed (worst case scenario average) he could have a tiny bit of potential against 3-2 holy / dark defense teams / tournaments but with slow speed… That’s totally nonsense. :clown_face:

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Feels like sg playing with our heads, take a hero that’s not usable, make him slower brilliant! I drew the original on release, drew costume yesterday, what a waste

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