📯 Costumed Salmon Loki – New Season 3 Costume – 5* Dark/ Purple: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Dude congrats,

C Salmon is really strong hero and can win game on its own… Xnol pushes him to fast, so no loss of speed here but alot stronger effect.

dont underestimate the fish…


I’m just curious if this is purely an easter egg or if the devs can come up with some actual use case for Salmon Loki, costume or not. My guess is the former. You’ll level him up to show others that you have the mats to spare.

I got the costume but I’m still bitter that he’s slow mana! He’s actually a fun hero to play with


I think that even on slow, he is much better than original. Damage is insane

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Finally banked the salmon!


This is the ticket for you to join the Salmon war in the future…

You won’t believe it… I was chasing Salmon Loki and got Baldur followed by Thor on consecutive pulls. But no Salmon Loki :frowning:


Noooo…the tragedy…what are you going to do with c Thor and c baldur anyways? They’re nothing compared to the RNG lord which is salmon loki
Would have loved your test videos of this hero.

Ugh I know.

I mean Baldur I already have levelled so his costume will get levelled too. But Thord I don’t see ever levelling.

I really really wanted that sauve fish

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It’s either you roll with what this hero has to offer, or you just completely hate him. There is no in between

Btw I am having a blast with him. He will get the 2LB mats from me and I shall have fun with my salmon!


Easy solution: Time the next Salmon war for a Rush.

Its a great consolidation prize though :slight_smile:


@PlayForFun can you please update the hero card to 350% damage? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Sorry, it seems I forgot to update that when I have written the Change from Beta section.
Now it is fixed.

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The damage is already insane, and he’s not even 2:60

Archer on the left is without 20% damage amp
Moose is with both damage amp and DOT amp


I dunno, I like him. Sure it’s RNG but 20% each turn for 3 is a pretty good chance you’ll hit and if you start off against a defense with a yellow hero or two (hello Jove, Anne, Willow, Rhys, Constance, etc teams). You’ve probably killed those yellows and with any sort of RNG luck crippled one or two others.

Yeah I know, slow is slow and while he probably isn’t close to being warranted leveling for pay 2 play he seems like a more than decent enough hero for F/C 2 P base. I certainly would take him.


I had so much fun blasting stuff with salmon. Yes it’s a 25% chance, but then again it’s 1.6k damage in one shot that just vapourizes anything in its way.




I am as well proud owner of F I S H since today

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Short 3 small aethers. Damn it!