📯 Costumed Norns – Season 3 Costume – 5* Holy/Yellow: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

I find it entirely strange really. Wouldn’t making these characters useful and wanted increase their sales? Not that they are not usable, but they did not increase my desire to pull for salmon or her.

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Did they already incorporate, that Norns on defense harms attackers with increased slash attack dmg vs weak element or it still only works on offense?

Managed to snag her and hoping she can provide some utility for def :slight_smile:


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I am 1 that isnt happy about the revert back to normal speed with the trade off of way less damage. Norns isnt used hardly at all except for MTs. At least with the higher damage at slow, she could have been used for the VF wars. Now, nada

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The hero card is updated with September balance updates.

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So what is the damage to 3? Is it 450 or 300. Card says 450 but text says 300!!!

The image always show the hero’s skills at release.

So the text always contains the most up to date information.