Connection Error_how to solve?

hello there. I am facing issues with “connection error” since yesterday. have 2 devices (iOs), both same problem. my network worked fine before… what shall I do? BTW, if anybody here from TravelersInn alliance, please be noted I will be back soon hopefully, once issue will be solved.
device restart did not help. error occured when I tried to open my app, not during game…

I get connection error sometimes when I go to fight a titan. Same with a few alliance members. Restarting our phones always solves the issue for us.

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I don’t think anyone here on the forum is going to necessarily be able to assist with this. We’re all just players for teh most part.

The only things we can offer are suggestions like the obvious ones:

  • restarting the device
  • uninstalling and reinstalling teh game
  • checking for a device software update
  • checking for ongoing device compatability
  • checking / trying different networks (cell data vs. wifi etc…)

Otherwise, the best advice I can give is to #contact-support; click the hashtag for some instructions or:

The only other suggestion I can give is to maybe look at getting an Emulator on your PC in the interim. There are a couple out there for iOS stuff (not as many or as popular as android emulators but they’re around.)

I’m getting connection to server issues as well in the middle of the last 2 raids I did. I’m trying to reboot my device now.

Interesting, reboot didn’t work. Lost 3rd due to connection issue. Not sure if I’ll be able to complete my tournament battles. Oh well! :tired_face:

Cant even get back into the game after multiple reboots. Game Center work because it says it connected to Game Center while trying to load the game. Anyone else having this issue? I’m in the US. Maybe a US only issue.

hello, Guvnor,

thank you a lot for suggestions and clear instructions.
Restaring and reinstalling did not help.
But VPN disabling helped. This is little strange, I did not observe such issue before - no matter VPN was on.

I can’t switch between my game center accounts for E&P. Google caches everything and messes up when it cross linked my two accounts to the opposite emails. (it was meant to be a throwaway email). Oh and heaven help me if I try to switch between game center accounts. Play games will welcome me with the correct ID and goes straight to the tutorial. It’s a bit weird.

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