Composing a new defence team around Telluria

I finally maxed Telluria and will replace Guinevere with her as my tank. Who should join Telluria besides Vela? I will reorganize emblems before swapping

Iā€™d go with Tyr-Ursena-Telluria-Vela-Joon (or Joon-Ursena-Telluria-Vela-Joon, though it would be better for Tyr to fire before Joon since he can bypass buffs and kill a hero).


IMO Ursena or Seshat; Tyr; Telluria; Vela (these two mixed perfectly) and Joon or, maybe, Guinevere

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I would go this way:
Seshat - Anzogh - Telluria - Vela - Joon.

Tyr is way more offense oriented and he is not that good on defense, whereas Anzogh is a perfect compliment to telluria as it provides a little instant health plus punch to all guys. He also resists mana regen down so will serve you well to attack tellurias.
Seshat and Anzogh must be al left because of the dispel and because in case vela and Anzogh fire in the same turn, you want to make sure anzogh attacks first because that way he would be heal more (in case for some reason vela where to kill a guy by firing before).
otherwise I would go with @D_DI def.

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