Compensation necessary?


So with the newest release the upped the odds to get an s2 hero! Wonderful new heroes are cool!

To bad I’ve spend gems, tokens and money to get a good pull in the first round of s2 heroes. With only one r3 hero as an reward… the sadness is overtaking me, because you can’t get them in the camps and the odds are very small to get one…

And now after the first round… they increased the odds… I cannot turn back time but I did if I knew this was coming…

I don’t know how long I keep playing. The game is fun! S2 is also great!
But the people milking industry in the background also keeps evolving…

Btw the now war chest idea is awesome! I really hope That the rewards are good enough, also for our low level players


Reparations are bad.


If it matters, it’s only the 3*…


No one force you to try immediately.
It was the first month, so it was totally possible and predictable that something like that may occur in the near future.

I don’t see reasons for any compensations.