Colored box


I wanted to know the order of the colored boxes and the criteria by which these boxes appear.

If you by boxes mean chests everything about them is random and doesn’t depend on anything particulary.

There can be several of same color in a row in a 5 or 15 days between then so there are no rules.


i think the order of colors is not random, but to prove it needs to track it

but that is something old me would do here.

imo, there is a color link between elemental chests and titans order (ypbrg).

There isn’t any order to the boxes appearing.

Can check out this thread for people that have actually tracked their data: Elemental Chest Frequency - days tracking and results > estimated between 4 to 16 days

But to show evidence; this is the history by @zephyr1 of 2020 (before he went casual) and 2019:

There is also tracking in that thread by @littleKAF, @jinbatsu, @yelnats_24 and many more. All showing that there is no pattern to the colour box that appears nor the position that the box appears in


I can confirm the same. They don’t appear in any particular order. Following is my tracked data for this year. :slight_smile:


I remembered someone mentioned that the color of the elemental chest that appears is what the game evaluates what (element) your overall roster is most “lacking,” “needing help,” or “weakest” in. But as to what/how that is determined or correlated, I have no idea.

I think that’s just some more conspiracy theories :wink:


Yeah, no. One of my recent boxes was red and it’s easily my strongest color.