[Clicky Clicky] How many Kashhrek to keep? [Poll]- Now with in-depth discussion of healer tactics & strategy- Updated 2018-Jun-04

[Clicky Clicky] How many Kashhrek to keep? [Poll]

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Just summoned my third Kashhrek ( 4* heal nearby) with 3x Melendor not sure I need that many Kashhreks. Should have stopped after I pulled Caedmon, but trying to get Delilah.

Also have Rigard, Boldtusk, Kiril, Sabina.

  • keep Zero Kashhrek the Devs have never changed a hero. Well they have but never Kashhrek, right?
  • keep One Kashhrek healer tanks work well with revenge bar
  • keep Two Kashhrek dual flanker healer tanks annoying with revenge bar
  • keep Three Kashhrek hoard all the 4* heroes. Look what happened when you got rid of your second Wu Kong. You could have 3 right now.

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What’s the question?

Edit: I see now. Maybe my hungover brain didn’t read it the first time.

Actually, with these alliance wars, I have upgraded my hero storage considerably. And keeping very many 4* heroes.

Now, who would have thought that - to be successful in AW - a player would need 12 (!) healers, for example?

  • That was a very good piece of advice from @Fledoble, to bring 2 healers in the attack team. I tried it, liked it - thank you @Fledoble ! - and now I am happy that I have kept additional healers.

Must level some up. I “only” have 8 fully leveled healers including Alberich. (Leveled up 4 for AW, to staff all teams and have a little choice)

My advice:
spend the diamonds to increase your hero storage. And keep multiples of all 4 and 5* heroes. The money is well spent.

Oh, and my Kashhrek, who used to save my a$$ numerous times at 3400+ team power, did quite well in AW. I still love that sturdy green guy. And he was happy to see some action again :wink:


Agreed to have lots of healers for AW…very useful😆

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Kashhrek only has one use: defense. Every single other 4* green is better for raids / titans / events. I’ve kept 1 just to fill out my Pokédex, but doubt I’ll ever level him. If you don’t have a 5* green I might level one copy for your defense team, but don’t think you’ll ever find a use for duplicates.


I agree


I have discovered healers come in 5 flavors in Empires

Defense healers ( Major heal with high defense & HP stat )= Rigard ( Vivica’s slow mana speed hurts her for a 5* healer. Average mana speed is king for healers )
Attack healers ( Major heal with high attack stat )= Melendor, Sabina

Buff healers ( minor heal with buffs )= Kiril, Boldtusk

Center healers ( Major heal with protection )= Kasshrek, and if you include Challenge event heroes, Guinevere.
Flank healers ( Major heal with buff )= Friar Tuck.

I HATE fighting alliance war enemies with Center healers. I don’t have Guinevere or any of the HotM Center healers. $100 USD and no HotM minion defense healer Delilah, so no idea if I can get HotM Center healer Ares to replace my Kashhrek. So I have decided to level Kasshrek from 4* 3.1 to 4* 3.60. Swap my 4* 3.60 Kashhrek for my center Wu Kong and swap my corner Melendor for flank 5* 2.60 Thoth-Amon. It gives my two purples with my corner 4* 4.70 Rigard, but a purple fast mana speed flank hero with target and nearby damage is nice on raid defense. My other flank is red fast mana speed Scarlett 4* 4.70 with splash damage and attack debuff.


I am in the situation where I have 1 maxed out Kashhrek and two baby Kashhreks. They might be useful for wars, but they won’t ever be seeing shields since I already have two other green 4* heroes (Peters and Skittleskull) ahead of them in the queue.

Edit: I like using Kashhrek in raids and in wars not just for the healing power, but also to help against defenses with Marjana/Kelile. He can help keep another 2 heroes who are important in the effort alive against those forces.


Ive had Kashrek since Ive started playing and have had no desire to level to max. I may get to 3rd but thats about it. I dont think its worth the mats.


Because I run a Wu Kong Cascade Squad, I leveled Rigard to 8/8 4* 4.70 and Melendor to 8/8 4* 4.470 .

Now I am seriously considering leveling Kashhrek from 4* 3.60 to 8/8 4* 4.70 and Sabina from 4* 3.60 to 8/8 4* 4.70 .

==Reflect Red==
Since I prefer two healers, Sabina will help with Fables and rare Red titans ( reflect red means Melendor is a weak color, Boldtusk is a negative color and Kiril is a minor heal with a short buff ).

I don’t think Kashhrek’s protection from red lasts long enough to be useful for reflect red, but more testing is required.

==War defense==
With anti-color protection, Kashhrek makes a decent center for raids/ war defense team since red does double damage versus green but Kashhrek has protection from red AND a major heal ( 45% ).

Plus Revenge bar.

==Platinum arena ?? ==
But Gryphonkit, my wife, thinks I can get into Platinum raid arena. This is the primary reason.

I have been told too many healers ( 3+ ) on defense is bad ( link ) ( link ) but they keep destroying me. I think it is because I prefer versatile heroes like Grimm over specialists like Sonya.

I am told the best centers are both healers ( link ) and they destroy me also.

So on a whim I ran Melendor, Grimm, Kashhrek, Scarlett, Rigard versus a 3 healer defense team with center and two flank healers, this time I destroyed them.

Analyzing it afterwards, defense teams do not get board damage in Empires ( see Notes ) but my attacking heroes can get dragon shields, power shards, and board combos/ cascades. So a defense Rigard is already at a disadvantage against an attacking Rigard.

And Kashhrek worked very well helping Melendor and Rigard keep my attacking Grimm and Scarlett alive as the defense team’s center, and flank, healers keep healing themselves.

Against a red center, like Ares, I could run Sabina, Grimm, Kashhrek, Scarlett, Rigard ( Double neutral, see Notes ). Against a yellow center, like Guinevere, it would be Double Strong.

More testing is needed, but it seems to be a working strategy.

And then I have more healers for alliance war ( see Notes )

War Note: The only problem in war defense is getting a defense Rigard in the corner. Grimm and Scarlett are my two best heroes for getting Rigard out of a corner and both Grimm’s debuff and Scarlett’s debuff last 6 turns, very long in Empires.

Wu Kong Cascade Squad ( first link )

Cascade Squad ( second link )

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Seems you know how to place Kashhrek, so would like your advice.

I use same team for defense and attack, because I Don’t have much choice.
Sabina, Azar, Kashhrek,Kelile,Melia.

I figured red will be hitting green Kash, so I flanked kash with Azar and kelile since they are fast hitters and in hopes they could beat down a red hitting Kash (now if my opponent doubles up on green kash it depends if his red are stronger than Kelile and Azar),

Sabina left corner, strong hitter and healer,
Melia on right corner, her special skills are amazing… so if I can get to fire her specials from the start, the next four turns gives a chance for critical damage for each of my other heroes.
I haven’t fully mastered how to make sure I use her skill to the best advantage.
The way I do it : fire Mellia’s special, then fire Kelile and Azar or Vs, and then try to shoot red tiles to hit the hero that was hit by Kelile or Azar’s special skills. I’m not sure if that’s the way to achieve the most damage though.
Kash keeps Kelile and Azar alive, reviving them over and over if I am lucky enough to keep hitting green tiles to make sure I keep Kash alive, and at the same time trying to match yellow and purple tiles, to keep Sabinas and Melias special going.
Feeeew… it’s alot of work and attention to the board, but if you do it all right it’s fun to see how they all keep reviving…
My question is, can you think of a better way to use Kash?? Within this line up?
I don’t have that many heroes, I’ve been playing for about a month and a half, going on SH 12, c2p, only got a VIP pass once, I have about 10 days left, and that 2nd builder has been quite helpful only I don’t always have enough iron to use 2nd builder.
Aside from my def/attck team I have the following heroes,none of then lvld or if lvld, not past 1st or 2nd tier : Tyrum, 2 Balthazar, Chochin, 2 Tiburtus, Gill-Ra, Prisca, a 2nd Mellia, Greymane 3-16, Friar tuck 2-16, 2nd Azar 2-16, Jahangir, Hawkmoon, and Dawa which I wish I could get rid of her…
So that’s what I have, not much. But at least I got Kash, Kelile, Azar, which work well together and Mellia helps out alot,Sabina 2-45 still needs leveling…

So getting to my question, how do you think this would work out:
I am hoping for either 2 greens for corners, or 2 blues for corners which I believe would make Kash hard to kill, and at the same time Kash keeping them alive so they can shoot.

keep at least 1… you need any healer and wizard :slight_smile:

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I keep 2 for alliance wars. In flank position, they usually carry my 6th team (which is usually in the 3400 tp range through a fight with a 4K team.

I have maxed Kashhrek and he is my tank since forever.

You may say that healing to 3 is underwhelming, but it’s also 45% healing with average speed and that combined with his durability and +fire def makes him very hard to kill, unless people have deep rosters and have fast snipers to knock him down.

On any offence scenario you feel the lack of heal for the poor guys on the other flank and very low tile damage. Still, he’s doing well keeping the 2 around him alive. I’ve seem him having C rank and generally hated, but I am quite happy to have him. I am probably going to replace him only when I get a 5* tank and level him decently.

But I wouldn’t level a second one.


It will be interesting to see how ally 4*+15 Paladins, Rogues, Druids and Fighters ( in corners for Center Kashhrek or opposite flank and opposite corner for flank Kashhrek) change the Kashhrek meta.

Kashhrek’s own wizard class is a bad fit for the hero’s role since his base attack stat is so low and 2 of the last 3 nodes are attack boosts. Though Wizard 4*+19 Kashhrek does get a boost on self healing.

Wizard Kiril, Fighter Boldtusk, Sorcerer Sabina, Druid Melendor, Cleric Rigard all are substantial better than Kashhrek now.

I understand the Devs reluctance to make Kashhrek a Paladin, Rogue, or Monk, but those classes would have fit him better. With the ability to reset class emblems, perhaps the Devs will consider switching Kashhrek’s class.

My Personal Opinion

I would change Kashhrek to Rogue.

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I have Vivica, Kiril, Sabina, 2 Boldtusks, 2 Melendors, 3 Rigards and 2 Kashhreks…that’s 12 healers, and doesn’t include Heroes like Ares who regenerate HP (I have him a a few other heroes with HP regen too). I’m thinking of feeding my duplicate Kashrek, should I keep it?

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Only keep one Kashhrek. His sole purpose is to tank. Doubling him to max doesnt serve a purpose as you can’t have two heroes serving as tank. Flanking dont serve hi will in that position.


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