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Because I run a Wu Kong Cascade Squad, I leveled Rigard to 8/8 4* 4.70 and Melendor to 8/8 4* 4.470 .

Now I am seriously considering leveling Kashhrek from 4* 3.60 to 8/8 4* 4.70 and Sabina from 4* 3.60 to 8/8 4* 4.70 .

==Reflect Red==
Since I prefer two healers, Sabina will help with Fables and rare Red titans ( reflect red means Melendor is a weak color, Boldtusk is a negative color and Kiril is a minor heal with a short buff ).

I don’t think Kashhrek’s protection from red lasts long enough to be useful for reflect red, but more testing is required.

==War defense==
With anti-color protection, Kashhrek makes a decent center for raids/ war defense team since red does double damage versus green but Kashhrek has protection from red AND a major heal ( 45% ).

Plus Revenge bar.

==Platinum arena ?? ==
But Gryphonkit, my wife, thinks I can get into Platinum raid arena. This is the primary reason.

I have been told too many healers ( 3+ ) on defense is bad ( link ) ( link ) but they keep destroying me. I think it is because I prefer versatile heroes like Grimm over specialists like Sonya.

I am told the best centers are both healers ( link ) and they destroy me also.

So on a whim I ran Melendor, Grimm, Kashhrek, Scarlett, Rigard versus a 3 healer defense team with center and two flank healers, this time I destroyed them.

Analyzing it afterwards, defense teams do not get board damage in Empires ( see Notes ) but my attacking heroes can get dragon shields, power shards, and board combos/ cascades. So a defense Rigard is already at a disadvantage against an attacking Rigard.

And Kashhrek worked very well helping Melendor and Rigard keep my attacking Grimm and Scarlett alive as the defense team’s center, and flank, healers keep healing themselves.

Against a red center, like Ares, I could run Sabina, Grimm, Kashhrek, Scarlett, Rigard ( Double neutral, see Notes ). Against a yellow center, like Guinevere, it would be Double Strong.

More testing is needed, but it seems to be a working strategy.

And then I have more healers for alliance war ( see Notes )

War Note: The only problem in war defense is getting a defense Rigard in the corner. Grimm and Scarlett are my two best heroes for getting Rigard out of a corner and both Grimm’s debuff and Scarlett’s debuff last 6 turns, very long in Empires.

Wu Kong Cascade Squad ( first link )

Cascade Squad ( second link )

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