Cleric Comparison - C. Vivica vs Kunchen

I’m at the point where I’m playing around with teams again and trying to decide who should get the token love. Right now Kunchen has the tokens but costumed Vivica seems just as viable but with higher stats/power. I have Kunchen in my defense team but have been using Vivica for offense. There’s a lot that goes into proper team balance so should I keep them separate, learn to use Kunchen offensively or use Vivica for O and D? Any thoughts? The differences in color means I’d shuffle other heroes around too but based just on these two, who should be used where and who should have the Cleric tokens?

C. Vivica - Chance to reduce enemy mana gen by 50% for 2 turns.
796 Power
741 Att
735 Def
1475 HP
Recovers 44% health for all allies.
All enemies get -44% defense for 4 turns.
Dispels buffs from all enemies.

Kunchen - Chance to resist negative mana effects and preventing the use of specials.
770 Power
618 Att
815 Def
1437 HP
Resist Defense Ailments
Recovers 42% health for all allies.
All enemies get -34% defense for 4 turns.
Dispels status ailments from allies.
Elemental Link gives Dark allies +46% defense against Holy for 4 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.

vivica C. for me. whit mana troop lv. 29
and for titan is awesome

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She 100% rounds out my yellow titan team. Troop is currently lvl 11 so only 9% mana and sadly not enough tokens to max her as a sorceress (need lvl 20 cleric to hit that bonus in her costume).

to reach 20% mana you have to have the costume at maximum and unfortunately the mana troop at level 29 or maximize the talents and then a mana level 17 troop is enough. I hope I have done the right math. ahahahha

You should take into account some things:

  1. War Defense
    I you are running Kunchen as your AW tank then it would be unwise to take back his emblems. If you are running yellow tanks a Sorcerer Vivica is a very good tank.

  2. Versatility
    Both Sorcerer Vivica and Kunchen are very good offensive healers and while Kunchen would still have his cleanse a Sorcerer Vivica wouldn’t have it.
    Good thing is that on offense you could chose to pick Cleric Vivica but at this point you would lose her defense reduction and dispel.

  3. Personal preferences
    You could love to stack them with other heroes of their same color or to let them be the only ones of their color in your attacks.
    If you would have Drake Fong you could love to have an emblemed Vivica, if you would have Ursena you could find attacking with Kunchen easier than with Vivica.
    All of them are useful on titans, Kunchen would also increase your defense against Holy damage on your Dark allies.


Aegir is my current tank for war and Kunchen was a support on the side. Current layout is cVivica, Natalya, Aegir, Khiona, Kadilen. Not sure how happy I am with that, but it’s what is set for the next war.

Base offense team is Natalya, Evelyn, Khiona, Magni, cViviva. Old offense was Athena, Drake, Khiona, Magni and Natalya and while nothing was wrong with that, I wanted to see if I should drop Athena and work a stronger comp. Thats a different discussion (athena vs evelyn for ranger) but I figured it would depend on cVivica vs Kunchen first.

Left wing/flank Natalya is litterally her worst position as her DoT could be applied to a hero that could be blasted in the same round by another special skill…

If you would post a pic of your heroes we could help you setting up a better war defense.

However given the heroes you wrote about earlier I would suggest you to field this kind of defense on this Field Aid war:

The below images show available leveled heroes and current token distribution. To that, what would you pick for war D and what would your top offense line up look like? @FraVit93, you’re leaning to Kuchen over Vivica then?

In your case Id say Kunchen.
Also, I would suggest you to put Kunchen - Drake Fong - Aegir - Anzogh - Kadilen as your war defense

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