Chance to miss calculator by Vikingblood80

Hey folks,

time to release a new toy.

I know some of you enjoy doing calculating things and I am in the same boat. I also enjoy doing some spreadsheet calculations and this gives me the opportunity and motivation to learn something new. So here is my next contribution (and I don’t plan that it will be the last one :wink:)

I think you are very likely to have encountered such a person or probably felt this yourself:

“Oh man…on my last titan hit I would have scored high but Wu Kong made all my tiles miss!” :dizzy_face:

So when you sent in 3 tiles into the titans weak spot what is the most likely outcome? What is the chance that all/none misses? How does it change if I use Ranvir instead of Wu? What happens if the titan is yellow and does an additional blind to my heroes?

How many of my heroes are likely to be hit by the titan if I use arrows on him?

How many hits are likely if I blind an AoE hitter with my Joon? What changes if I use his costume? (Same with Bane!) What if the blinded hero is Sumle? The only hero with an inherited chance to miss.

What are the hit chances if I blind a hero which is buffed by Wu Kong/Ranvir?

This and many more can be exploited. The calculator contains

  • all blind heroes
  • all titans and bosses
  • arrows
  • Wu Kong and Ranvir
  • influence of Niflheim realm bonus
  • Sumle

This is how the spreadsheet looks. You just need to select the heroes and effects in the yellow marked cells and you will get the results up to 5 hits in the middle.

You can find the spreadsheet over here…you just need to ‘save a copy’ and can use it.

Credits to the people who did test this @Salty @ThePirateKing @NeG and special greetings to @cadi for helping with the layout. :hugs:

Ask me if you still have questions



once again an excellent sheet :blush: Thank you for doing this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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This is really awesome! Good work!

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Thank you so much for your hard work!

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wow! great stuff, excellent work!

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Seems the Wu Kong factor is wrong - I thought I had read here on the forum that his miss chance is actually 95%?


Good gaming!

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2021/01/18 added Hu Tao’s costume (30% blind)

2021/02/01 added Thor (40% blind)

good stuff! thanks for all these calculators, really helpful! that’s giving back :slight_smile:

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Update V 1.1 2021/04/30

  • Added Rakkamush as special option
  • Added Dr Moreau in list of blinding heroes
  • Fixed a bug not showing all blinding heroes

If I missed other heroes feel free to let me know. It is just a matter of seconds or minutes inserting them.

@Slobix @Cerevan_the_Omni


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