Can we please have a countdown to war prep timer?

Can we have a countdown counter for War Prep?

I understand that is nice for us to be told “next war starts soon”, but what is soon? My soon could mean a couple of hours vs a couple of days to others.

It is hard to recruit new members if you don’t know when this “soon” is. It is unfair to the people who are trying to fill their alliance that they don’t have the ability to leave their alliance temporarily in order to search through dead alliances for new players (dead alliances is another topic for another day) because they feel bound or restricted by this “soon” concept.

It’s Wednesday and Saturday, although I believe the exact time changes so that no one time zone gets an advantage

Thanks but that’s not what I am looking for with this post. Just like there’s a timer for the next titan, there should be a timer for war. I am in the process of building an alliance so if I feel the need to step out to recruit then I would like to know how much time I have left.

And even if it’s not for that reason, I feel it is helpful for alliances that have global members because then you can strategize or plan your turns.

The war prep timer gives significant time for planning.

I can see how if you wanted to recruit up to the last minute, a pre-prep timer would help, but for most alliances, I think the preparation phase should be enough time.

@JonahTheBard… You are still missing my point. If I know how much time BEFORE PREP STARTS then I can better plan my time for recruitment. So I understood that prep starts Tuesday but WHAT TIME? 7AM? 3PM? If there was a countdown timer (ex 3 hrs 30 min till next war, this being inclusive of prep) then I will know that I kinda only have 3 more hours to actively recruit.

This timer not only helps me make the best use of recruiting time, now that we have the option to opt out of war we can decide if we want to before the timer runs out.

Isn’t that what I said?

I can see how if you wanted to recruit up to the last minute, a pre-prep timer would help,

My point was that it may be a niche feature - for a settled alliance, 24 hours warning should be enough time to organise

How do you know when it’s 24 hours without a timer? That’s what I’m trying to say…

Yep. . absolutely get that…

Sorry, I don’t want to look like I’m flaming… please check my quote again.

I am agreeing that in your situation a pre-prep timer would help. i.e. a timer before the preparation phase.

I made other points but I won’t repeat them.

I understand Leslie don’t get me wrong. I’m just giving my case weight. Since I’m dealing with an alliance that covers the globe just saying what days doesn’t help. For instance if it’s Tuesday US 3pm EST it’s Wednesday in Australia where one of my players are! Also it gives people a better guage of planning their personal time if need be.

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