Can we just get rid of Field Aid already?

Thanks for your recommendations and patient reply.
My initial inclination was to favor strong hitters with fast mana. Then I learned the importance of powerful healers that could help sustain my attacks. Now I’m learning about some of the intricacies of buffers, debuffers and dispellers, how to wipe away perfect repost with Melendor 4/70/7 or Sabina 3/56, and so on.
A few weeks ago, I didn’t know what a tank was, now I’m observing playing characteristics of the different flanks and wings that I’m bumping in to.
Remember the childhood game Hungry, Hungry Hippos? This feels like Hungry, Hungry Heroes. Everything I’m learning seems late to the table.
Leveling up troops, while more important than I knew, seems even more ham intensive than leveling up heroes.
I know f2p stands for free to play. Is c2p cheap to play?
Your teammate Boolz must be a patient person. That asset doesn’t shine especially brightly in my character.
It chafes me that I’ll have to wait till tomorrow to buy the 30 gem gift pack for my Chicken Shack compadres. Yeah, it’s a payday(/maxed card) thing, but there’s 48 hours of OT on that paycheck. They soitenly rate the $2.99, and then some.
Thanks again for your patience.
I’ll work on mine.


It is slower, but honestly it’s more fun that way. You learn to appreciate the progress you make however slow it is.

I never understood the rush to get strong faster anyways. It’s not like there’s a pot of gold for being #1 in the leaderboards.


I like the game a lot.
I just don’t like getting my adze handed to me when I bring plastic sporks to a sword fight, so I got busy spending money to build a stable of heroes and leveling them up as best I can.
I like moving up in my alliance leaderboard because I like making my contribution to my team. In my first alliance war battle I think I pulled 11 points. This last one, I pulled 207, but I wasn’t facing our mightiest foes.
Our alliance is fighting 9 and 10 star dragons and I’m starting to show up in the top half of our attackers pretty regularly.
I really just want to pull my weight, but I feel I still have a long way to go.
I’ll be working within a narrowing budget now, but if you have some ideas for leveling up heroes quickly and cheaply, I’m all ears.

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If you don’t mind my asking, how long have you been playing and how do you efficiently ascend your heroes up to the talent grid on the cheap?
An inkling of the depth of your hero stable would be intriguing too!
If that’s too personal, maybe there are pages, or topic threads, you could refer me to.


The fact that you show up to wars and fight titans, to me that means you’re already giving that contribution to your team :slight_smile:

Alliances are a team effort

It’s not just about strength, it’s much more than that; you either all succeed or all fail, but you do it together as a team:

  • participation - just showing up and putting forth what you can is everything that most leaders ask for
  • knowledge sharing - for how can you expect to grow as a team if you don’t share or trade strategies and tips? If no one is talking, then ask questions!
  • teamwork and encouragement - beyond becoming friends, but becoming a team accomplishing goals together.

This is a life lesson too! At the company where I work, we used to have a couple of programmers who would just stayed late and worked 80 hour days, all by their choice. They would guilt people who left at 5pm – y’know like a regular job – by saying things like “you go with your family, I’ll fix it myself even if I’m here all night.” When we came back the next day, everything was fine… but we were never told how it was fixed :stuck_out_tongue: We asked and all their response was “don’t worry about it.”

We call this the superhero mentality. This was detrimental to the team. Although they were definitely very strong at what they did, no one but them really benefited:

  1. Participation :x: – They were not working together, they just wanted to burry themselves, not letting everyone participate
  2. Knowledge Sharing :x: – They were not sharing how they were succeeding, thus the rest of us couldn’t learn from them
  3. Teamwork & Encouragement :x: – They were focused on their own goals, rather on what was good for the entire team.

All these people were let go eventually, because the team within the company never grew. We are much better off without them, because we’re all growing and learning as a team, and we can accomplish much more together, than with just a few people who knew what they were doing.

You can see where I’m going with this. Alliances in this game work the same way :slight_smile: It’s about teamwork, not superheroes. The fact that you do play every day, to me I see that as you helping out your alliance. You’ll get there with strength eventually! Your leaders should be more than understanding that you are still working on your roster, and the fact that you’ve been improving shows that to them. I’d argue that you are definitely pulling your own weight. Everyone helps the alliance, it is not just up to you :slight_smile:

Also, when it comes to training, I usually go to level 8-7 in season 1 to farm recruits. Then dump them all in TC11. When I’m overflowing with tons of training there, I move it to TC2 to get heroes to feed faster.


Read what topics interests you from here



You’re very welcome. The game has a lot of depth and complexity, and there is frustratingly little in the way of tutorial material.

I totally know the feeling. When I found the forum after trying to figure things out on my own, it was like there was a hole with no bottom on all the things I didn’t know.

It’s frustrating when you want to move fast, because rosters turn more like battleships than like speedboats. It can take quite a while to fill in roles that will improve effectiveness.

Troops are like the icing on the cake: if the cake is bad the icing won’t fix it. But if the cake is good, the icing can make it even better. And yeah, they are super ham intensive to level.

C2P is indeed cheap to play. Usually, that means VIP plus some of the less pricey gem deals.

You’re welcome. I’m pretty competitive myself, and the pace of the game can sometimes be frustratingly slow. But I find that it also makes the rewards for success that much the sweeter when they finally come.

Hang in there. You’ll find that as you stretch your roster to 30 heroes who can both give and take a punch or two, and then strengthen it, that everything gets a bit more manageable. Not all at once, but the needle will move.

If you have questions or need advice, feel free to @ me. I may not be the best person to answer, but I’ll make sure to connect you up with someone who is. We have some amazing tile players here, some people who are brilliant with roster combinations, and for most of the esoteric details of the game, one or another of us can point you in the right direction.


Hmmm, I’ll bet you’ve presented this material a time or two!
The Leaders and Elders of my alliance are top notch teammates. I’m fortunate that they took me in. They are very supportive, and they answer my questions in chat as best as that venue allows. The first alliance I was in seemed inhabited by crickets…
I understand there’s an online version of this game but the application has eluded me as yet.
The pressure I feel is internal (and seemingly infernal)
I’m spending a lot of time perusing what tutorials I’ve been lead to, like 7DD’s hero grading spreadsheet, YouTube tutorials, Copersky’s Compendium, etc, as well as lurking around this neck of the woods (that 2 ears, one mouth thing)
I’ve been churning up the soil in Season 1, areas 4 and 5, for backpacks and bokens to take back to my levels 10, 11 and 13 TC’s for color specific feeders. For example, our leadership recommended a yellow tank so I’m feeding Justice like crazy (A3L58 presently.) So when you say to farm S1 8-7, what category are you dumping them in in your TC11?
Reading back over my responses, I feel like I’m coming across a little needy, but I genuinely appreciate the time you’ve taken to respond on my behalf.
Thanks Again!


WhoooHooo that’s a Whole Lot of reading material!
No Worries. I ain’t Skeeered. Ima get after it!
I’ve got BT, Kiril, Melendor, and Rigard in the talent grid for 4*'s
Bane, Hawkmoon, Greymane, Nashgar and Balthazar in the grid for my 3*'s
No 5* in their 4th Ascension yet, but Marjana just needs another set of rings, Ranvir needs orbs, Sartana and Lianna are just 6 levels short…plus ham, of course, and a couple more potions for Lianna
I have some more 4*'s closing in on topping out, and I’m addressing 3* heroes for tournaments and quests.
OmGeeee, I sound like a crazy person, but thanks for your help!
Ima back away from the keyboard now, I’ve got a reading list to chew through :wink:

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hi Guys.
I want to ask about troops, if troop healing bonus is connected with heal aid?
For example healing bonus of troop is 15% and heal aid is healing 20% so can be hero healed by 35% then?
I am not sure about that. I think it is not possible but colleagues from alliance are asking about it to be sure:)
Thank you

Yes, any healing bonus applies to Field Aid. Not only troops but also from Triton’s special.

No. Say hero life if 1000 points. Field aid without any bonus heals 20% of hp, that is, 200 points. If troops healing bonus is 15% then hero will recover 15% points more, that is, 230 points. Because 15% of 200 is 30.


Get rid of it? Come on. They should make it so it heals after 2 turns always. Једном се живи. Go hard or go home.

How many members think that field aid should dropped from the wars and have straight up team vs teams?

There’s already a very long thread about it :slight_smile:

Personally I don’t have any issues with FA.


I actually like the Field Aid wars. I would enjoy even more variety in wars. Mostly I would like to see different team stances. Maybe 3 hero teams or center hero in the rear, like bosses in world map stages.

But an occasional plain head to head would be fun also.


There is a merge here somewhere @Garanwyn, @Rook, @zephyr1 and @Kerridoc

That said I actually don’t mind Field Aid. It allowed my alliance to win this last war as our opponent wasted 12 flags trying to kill my wings of Rigard and Boldy :wink:. Yes maybe it’s a dirty move but all’s fair in war!!


I love Field Aid. So that’s 4 for, and 0 against.


Thanks, merged into an earlier I-hate-Field-Aid thread.


It’s all in how you play the game. Being healer heavy against a healer heavy Defense isn’t a good idea…although I’ve watched many teammates try this again and again, like smacking your face on a brick wall and saying “ouch, quit it over and over” :joy:


You just see it against your teams, thats the reason some dont like it imo :grin:


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