Can we just get rid of Field Aid already?


I can deal with the arrows and the attack buffing that continues to stack, but there is nothing that ruins any fun that may be left in alliance wars like field aid. Include any 2 healers, and it becomes insanely hard to clear any teams. I fully realize that the aid goes both ways, but all that means is that my opponents are as equally miserable as I am. There is nothing worse than taking a 3500 power team into a prolonged battle only to come away with 5 points and everyone left on the board because Kashhrek was at tank and I couldn’t get 9 red tiles on him on the first 3 turns (or some similar situation). So - I’m all for buffing offense, but just like a pitcher’s battle in baseball or a 10-6 football game, all defense sucks the enjoyment out of alliance wars.


I so wholeheartedly agree


Picture[s] says more than thousand words:

I’ve lost 5 against 1. My team was in best condition…


What I’m confused about is 1) why did you bring 3 healers 2) why did you not fire off Friar tuck for the extra mana boost and just ghost green tiles to charge up ishtak and carver over and over until you can take down Rigard.

Back to the original question. Each war help has it’s own counterplay. What you do with field aid is to hold your specials while letting the field aid or heals go off then pick off targets one by one that way you don’t waste your damage. As for kashhrek if you’re using reds I would usually take a dispeller, preferably a fast one like caedmon or sonya to dispel the red shield.


Well that team would struggle in that situation. You attacked all defense with the weak color against a good defender. I assume the team you picked was based on what was out there in addition to Rigard. Good play on the other teams side. Get those specials going.


Healing can for sure be annoying and often times I flee the battle before to get damage to stick with my weaker attack teams .

Sports references though I strongly disagree especially if it’s my team, 1-0 baseball game or a pick 6 to go ahead 10-6 knowing that might be only TD of game is pretty intense. College ball I do love 2 wide open offense but Def battle are just as intense.


@DMP already touched this subject, and/but I think those images tell a different tale than you think. For me, they tell the tale of wasted opportunities. Why didn’t you charge your green hitters…? :thinking:

Edit: I’ll try to be constructive too. :smiley: As stated earlier, you should’ve fired Tuck, as he will give your greens a mana generation boost. Then you really should’ve focused on charging your green heroes, which you didn’t do (to the best). One (but not the only) ‘obvious’ move at the first picture would be to connect the purple dragon with the two purple tiles at the row below, and then use the green combo resulting from that.

Some general tips: If you don’t have any obvious combinations at the lower board, and are not setting things up for a diamond somewhere, try to do combinations as high as possible on the board, be it a color you need or a color you want to get rid off. This will maximize the possibility getting tiles you need, as it will produce the biggest change on the board.

When you are fighting a healer, especially in combination with field aid, it’s almost impossible that some healing will not occur if you dont have luck with your board. Try to set up a combination that will deal damage (not always possible, I know), charge your heroes and fire them together followed by the tile combo - and do this when the healer just fired, so they’re as low on mana as possible.

It’s a stressful situation with the time running out and a last standing hero just healing up, and sometimes it’s practically impossible to catch up, but I think you could have worked that board to get more out of your green hitters.

Well, that’s way under 1000 words, but I think they complement your pictures rather well. :wink:


Noooooo! Field aid is imo the best war mode :slight_smile: I love to play against it, easiest to counter.

  1. The chosen heroes weren’t my choice…
  2. I never played with Friar Tuck and didn’t know nothing about his abilities
  3. I played bad, but it also is so that some things need a little bit more balance
  4. I also was tired and half a sleep
  5. I have a lot of excuses XD

Thank you for your tipps :grin::+1:


Indeed you call a stalemate by yourself choosing that team.

Regardless of this situation, i just LOVE that wars have differents boost for the defender.
It makes it different and more fun.

So rather then cancel one, i would add other two.


I agree! Just experienced this today with only one Kiril left at the opponent’s side. Even in three tries with a fully ascended team, consisting of 3 4-stars and 2 5-stars, it was undoable. Field Aid is OP and should be nerfed.


3 4* and 2 5* at what ascencion levels ?


Well I took 5 purples to one Vivica, now yes my purples weren’t all levelled up. But 5 v 1… Should be OK, they were boomer, tibs, rigard, Sabina and Cyprian. Not the best I hear you say. But again 5 on 1. My issue was 1, with the board. A distinct lack of purple tiles. 2, almost zero purples lines up to directly hit Vivica meaning I relied on ghosting and hitting, 3, ghosting though only quicker fuels field aid. Coupled with her healing, even when I made a dent. Field and a quick heal took her back to full health. Now if the board had been remotely realistic and offered me the opportunity to hit her directly with tiles as well as use specials it should have been a fair fight. But alas, the board was the most one aided I’ve seen since playing this game. Filled with green and yellow tiles. Field aid charged at a ridiculous pace as I tried to ghost tiles to aid my attack. Her special for healing is massive and when the whole thing is against you. It almost makes no difference. Field aid is the biggest pain in the ■■■■ for AWs.


Ah Rigard! My alliance has a new disease, we call it Rigard Syndrome. Didn’t mind the field aid until this one. Went in with three yellow pandas, every time we had him on the ropes the field aid kicked in. Not enough yellow tiles to charge them all up at once made it worse I came so close to getting him. Many times and then “field aid” and he charges up his health again. But we all had a good laugh about it.

He was last man standing on many opposing teams, with his good buddy Kashrek. I can’t complain they couldn’t knock out my Rigard and Kashrek either :slightly_smiling_face:


“fully ascended team”


It’s a highly infectious virus, our alliance encountered it as well. I loathe that guy SO much. He’s next on my list to ascend, after I max out Gafar.


I’d rather they got rid of AW as a whole.


If I see field aid, it’s an automatic opt-out. No point in getting myself into a rage quit scenario - no thank you.


Maybe it’s just me, but I haven’t found the war rules to be all that game-changing (original version of the arrows excluded). Field Aid in particular is easily countered with a team heavy in offensive specials. For example, most corner healers can be defeated from full health with a quick 1-2-3 punch from a Sonya/Caedmon dispel (to remove any defensive buffs), a Ramming Pulveriser, and a good sniper shot.


Well I hear a lot complaining but then I see people bringing teams with 3(!!) or 4(!!!) supporters!!
Riposte and healers are not made for field aid. You must bring one healer so you can last against a bad board. Riposte only against strong AOE heroes like Isarnia and azlar that kill themselves when riposte is active.
Against a team of 4* you will never need 3 healers, you proved to everyone that you will miss fire power to knock your foes.
I understand one might say “not everyone has a lot of heroes to choose” but again, a berden or tyrum there would do better than tuck or Sabina