Burn Damage Explained

Excuse my ignorance here but I honestly don’t know what or how durn damage is utilised and the when and what damage it does.

I got JF and just starting to use him now at 4/55 but I noticed he didn’t do any damage but has burn for 2 turns which made me look at other heroes and it seems that I have never worried about the burn aspect on any heroes thus far.

So I guess it would be great time to find out exactly how and what burn does and when best to use it thus who best against.

Teach me, guys lol, please.

First good place to read up on burn damage is the Guide to DoT that @littlekaf has written:

Secondly, JF is among a minor sub-set of the DoT world in that he has no direct damage. The majority of DoT heroes have the DoT as a minor secondary aspect of their special skill (e.g. sartana, azlar, Jabberwock etc…) Where the main damage done is in a direct hit & the damage over time is smaller & usually quite drawn out.

Other heroes who also do no direct damage but big DoT are Lady Locke, Morgan Le Fey and Natalya.

Regarding the question of “when to use Burn Damage” the answer lies mainly in which burner you are using… if you’re using a burner who has a big Direc Damage component (such as Colen, Azlar or Kelile) you’re best just straight up firing the special off… Get that damage in!!

For JF this advice stays true with one exception… Don’t fire if a cleanser on the other team (E.g. Vivica, Ariel, Rigard) is either fully charged or almost charged… This will cleanse the Burn Damage & basically mean you wasted your efforts…

Otherwise, my advice is to go Ham on Dot!! It’s especially powerful against a hero like Aegir as DoT ignores all buffs & debuffs applied… Essentially what this means is that Aegirs defence buff & damage share are ignored in the DoT…


Thanks for that, it was helpful.

So basically as I did/do understand DoT, BURN is nothing more than just another word for damage then really but more so pertaining to how it’s applied.

This is good to know, thanks

This also.

Thanks for help, very much appreciated.

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Don’t have them yet, I want them though, lol

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Proteus also

Another advantage of dot with no direct damage is that it can be used on an active counterattack without receiving damage in return


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