Bug with brawler combo

Hello I spent 600 gems on two brawler comb and I did not get any of the summons tokens. I also was shorted on the heroes too. It’s so crazy that it would give me the stuff all messed up like that. I play alot of money to you guys. Im talking thousands. Can you help me out? Again the bug is its not giving you what you paid for. No tokens and the heroes you shorted me. Now I’m m scared to spend more

You gor 2 or 3 things from this and how it works, that was probably worse use for gems

Click “i” next time if you not sure



As @Radar1 pointed out, a wise player tends to gather all information that can be gathered before doing something as complicated especially when real money is involved. Tapping the “i” shows you the odds of getting those advertised. Not too many players buy stuff those featured at the Shop. This may be a learning experience for you.

This is a wise suggestion, although it’s not even needed in this case, as there are two spots before that which specify that it will contain “at least 2” of the items, before even getting to the :information_source::

That said, the :information_source: is the best place to best understand precisely how you can anticipate being subjected to the painful whims of RNG:



Thanks my mistake and foolish use of gems Definitely, I read it wrong. Thanks guys that makes me feel oddly better


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