Buff and Nerf of Heroes: Hanitra, Balbar and Xnolphod

I have both Reuben, and Chakko. Better having underwhelming HOTM than not, I suppose. :rofl:


I hope also to buff Grazul with 15% healing not enough to take away Elzabith fiends 30% of Hp

30% would be way too much at VF speed. 20% would be appropriate. That would be in line with Toxicandra who is 30% at fast speed.

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Hmmmm….Like costuming older S1, S2 & older HOTM’s? They’ve already added family bonuses to HOTM’s based on year & those heroes are pretty common. S1 family bonuses really don’t need to be considered, imho.

Hanitra has saved me on too many occasions to mention. Im going to go ahead and say she is better at what she does than c kad. No buff required

Hanitra definitely needs a buff. She needs something else because when I use her on the map she just sits there doing nothing. Her dodge is cool against bosses that have an attack against all crew but her dodge is just too short. 3 turns gets you very little. She needs 4 turn dodge and something else like a smaller chance to block regular attacks maybe. Or buff her attack stat so she at least is a decent hitter. I think Balbar is good as he is but agree his special is tricky because a sole block can unfreeze the character. If you don’t accidentally unfreeze that character he is good and fun to use. Not gonna say no to a buff on Balbar but Hanitra is the one who really needs it.

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Hands off my squidward! :rofl:

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