Boosted Health Vs Max Health Reduction

Hey just curious if this is still going to apply or have they changed it in beta?

For now it’s still going forward. Beta 2 saw no changes in this regard from beta 1.


I’m tired of fighting Aramis and Hathor. Aramis deals a huge of damage and heals over 900 max health, Hathor needless to say, she’s at fast mana speed continuously increasing max health. both of them have the ability to be immune to new status ailment and Aramis can’t dispell
it’s time to change the max health mechanism

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I would rather they nerf those two heroes rather than the whole boosted health mechanic.


Nerfing still sucks. Id like to see some older heroes get a buff that allows them to counter big overhealers. Maybe a skill that activates only against overhealers to add extra damage to allies attacks or DoT damage to all enemies.

Please do not nerf the two of them. :sob:

I am levelling both ofbthem up now.

If SG nerf them now, I won’t get a chance to try them out before they are being nerfed. :sob:

Something similar to Grace who hits 3 and blocks Taunt for 3 turns but have it block overheal for 3.

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totall agree. messing with basic math is just stupid. I heard that its now “reduce xyz health, plus some more”.
Hathor: maybe just boost 300
Aramis: maybe just 20% overheal

imo, older heroes shouldn’t be buff because we need different levels of heroes being s1 will be weaker. The costumes they get make them quite competitive. I couldn’t beat a costume sonya + lb in a raid with decent board.

Is overheal treated the same as heal for heroes like Perseus?
Perhaps that’s what they need to work on next. Heroes in similar territory but either have passives or special skills that reduce healing by xyz amount.

From what I hear once a character has boosted Health and the opposing team fires a skill that drops max health, it will take away boosted Health and then drop max health by X amount

I thought they adjusted that from Beta 1?

The first comment on this post is the last thing I’ve heard about it

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The last version is: if the enemy has boosted health, health reduction is applied twice: once for boosted health and a second one for whatever’s remaining. My understanding is that it should work like this:
-Enemy has 1000 boosted healt, I reduce it by 300 = enemy is left with 400 boosted health.
-Enemy has 500 boosted health, I reduce it by 300 = enemy is left with no boosted health and 100 max health reduction.
-Enemy has 100 boosted health, I reduce it by 300 = enemy is left with no boosted health and 300 max health reduction.
Enemy is not at full HP, I reduce it by 300 = enemy loses 300 max health.

So, if the enemy has less boosted health than what I reduce, it works like the first iteration of beta. If the enemy has more boosted health than what I reduce, they lose twice as much health as stated in the effect.


That’s not too bad then.

Thanks @planta for clearing that up. Me and some alliance mates have been trying to figure this out. I just leveled up Camilla and was curious as to how her health reduction was going to work.

There goes my plan to lvl up lame Almur.

Why lame? He’s great for titans and even with a 3+ green stack for his 54% EDD.

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I got Malosi from FS in order to counter these 2. At V Fast speed, he should be able to shut at least one down for 3 turns.
Poseidon is another option but being Fast speed, it will be a gamble.

Lame cause his max health reduction seems so small. Good to hear he has other uses. Have him unleveled so don’t really know his uses.

Any idea when stuff will be implemented? Not knowing makes it hard to organize and level up as needed.

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